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The Capricorn Phase Of Seven Year Cycle

Capricorn is the tenth phase of the seven year cycle and it’s archetype is The Seagoat. The Seagoat symbolizes controlled determination, disciplined action within an environment that is unstructured and vast, the sea.

In the Capricorn Phase the struggle is with commitment and incarnation within the “social institutions” you choose to participate. In Sagitarius you have acquired some sense of fundamental purpose based on your understanding of what your life should be about. In the Capricorn Phase, you move through a phase of incarnating that purpose, struggling to establish order within the environments within which you function, to fit in with the social structures of your environments.

CapricornA serious disposition is required to establish yourself within these social frameworks, and a sense of having to assume responsibility for yourself in ways heretofore unknown in order to accomplish the tasks in front of you. The milieu in which you are operating may appear to be chaotic and unstructured, and thus demanding your serious and responsive participation.

You may also experience the sense of having to struggle greatly with chaotic forces, untamed forces that require ‘structuring’, either internally and/or externally within the social milieu. Thus the perceived structuring that is required may be of your own internal desires and motives in order to respond effectively to the apparently chaotic, and thus threatening, external milieu. The commitments that are made with this phase are undertaken by choice, though, for you have been moved to build something of value, to control and commit yourself in order to accomplish this. You could be committing to anything, a new relationship, a new job, a social group and it’s purposes. Whatever it is, it is demanding a ‘response-able’ disposition, a disposition that ‘up to the challenge’ of this ‘unstructured’ situation

The struggle in this phase is to incarnate or to act on the new rules of the game you gained some understanding of during the previous phase. This phase is thus about a very practical struggle with commitment. It can be an intense struggle to incarnate a commitment, to ‘do it’, so to speak after the prior phase of exploration. You may find yourself in a new career situation or relationship situation that requires “doing it” very intensely, whatever “doing it” may mean for you.

It is a phase that requires a strong response. Yet because the character of this phase is grounded, it can have the quality of being very no nonsense, in the sense of committed action as opposed to idea and exploration. It is the ‘do it’ phase of the seven year cycle, and may require intense energy and concentration of effort in order to truly commit. It is about the need for committing to a life goal. The struggle is for commitment in a very specific way based upon the rules of action that you have gained some understanding of as necessary. It is commitment in the social realm that is important to you, or within a set of ground rules within which you have felt compelled to participate.

The principal you have chosen to base your life on and the commitment that is the result of that principal demands conscious effort at this time. The struggle may be with those things in your environment and in your psyche that seem determined to undermine your effort in this struggle with commitment. The phase is also in some sense about ‘gaining control’ over the lessons of the previous phases. You begin to get a clear direction, clarity about what to commit action and effort to as life purpose. You may establish discipline and responsibility over areas of your life for whom you have been struggling. You may begin to gain a sense of control over your direction in life.

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