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Capricorn Boar (Pig) Personality

The Pig Capricorn should pay extra attention to their customarily elaborate daily schedule — it’s very important to know just when to knock off early and pamper yourself a bit doing that which soothes your work-frazzled Porcine nerves.

If necessary, you can justify it as a gathering of the forces. You are ambitious but not self-destructively so, unlike some of your fellow members of the DoubleSign zodiac.

Pig CapricornA bit on the conservative side (as befits a true Capricorn heir), you often wish that you had been born in a previous century, back when “things made more sense.”

Don’t waste too much time with these wishful reveries — save them for when things look especially bleak, as a species of cold comfort. You’re a stand-up sort, willing to take a few lumps in the line of duty, and your family and friends respect you for this sterling quality.

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