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Capricorn Rabbit Personality

The Rabbit Capricorn is a hard worker, a good provider, and a faithful lover — why can’t everyone in the world be like you? You may be somewhat reticent (thanks to your Goat heritage), especially with expressing your affections, but those close to you can feel your support telepathically and thus always rely on its eminently reliable presence.

Diligence is the key to your inevitable success in the turbulent business arena — that is, if one politely overlooks the overwhelming hungers for money and possessions that provide the motivating factor.

All those nights of burning the candle at both ends will pay off handsomely in the long run, as long as you make sure not to switch boats in midstream. Yours is a silent but unshakeable dignity inherited as part of your Rabbit patrimony, one rarely disturbed for even the closest of your few select confederates.

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