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Capricorn September 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our September 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Capricorn Zodiac Sign!

Capricorn September Horoscope 2016- Overview

September 2016 is a key month for the changes, and themes talked about in the overview. Unexpected events will test your commitment to the path you have chosen as well as giving you a chance to make changes you need the push to make.

We all have different views about fate and destiny – I believe in choice rather than chance, we are, in the main, masters of our destiny, and yet sometimes fate does step in to give us the nudge we may need, and you need to see events in September 2016 in that context.

House moves, home renovations or living away from home is possible in September 2016. This is also a time many Capricorns may fly the nest, leaving home or renting or buying their own first home. Along this theme, Capricorns may leave their hometown or home country in order to seek new opportunities to earn their money and make a future in a place far from home.

Capricorns may feel that they have to make a break from their family in order to firmly establish their own identity and make their own mark on the world as distinct from what they have been brought up to think and believe. This is all about you, your future, and your identity, and doing what makes your life worthwhile – you will resist any dogma linked to your family or culture and will break out of old and limiting mindsets or away from people who seek to control you.

September 2016 Capricorn Love Horoscope

Dear Capricorn, you may be accused of being focused on yourself and your work in September 2016 and yes, it may be true that your goals and life ambitions are taking center stage at the expense of family and love. But it is important for you to get yourself sorted as if you are not on kilter, how can you devote yourself 100% to anyone or anything?

Uncertainty and an inability to verbalize and share deeper emotions can hamper love and relationships. You may follow your partner’s lead and do everything they want in exchange for an expectation that you will be center of their attention – but be careful as this can lead you to giving away your power in exchange for something that you cannot guarantee, and which could actually be self-defeating in the long term. Love yourself and do not be dependent on your partner’s unconditional acceptance for your own self-worth. Events in relationships in September 2016 can alert you to the fact that your love life has become unbalanced with you giving too much, and with your partner expecting too much at your expense.

In new relationships, a sudden shyness can take over, and the relationship can go backwards a few paces. This need not be a bad thing, and you must remember that relationships are dynamic, and they have a certain unpredictability to them which makes them a great mystery, and also the source of wonderful excitement and self-discovery.

Capricorn Career Horoscope September 2016

Legal issues to do with staff can arise in September 2016 – these should be resolved, but they may mean contracts must be rewritten, and your staff wage or benefits bill goes up. If you are a small business, your ability to expand by taking on full-time staff may be hampered by new laws that make it onerous to employ people. You may have to take on temporary or part-time staff, and you may struggle to find skilled people. Health and safety legislation is very important to understand and uphold in September 2016.

September 2016 is a very exciting month for those embarking on studies, but it is also very draining, and you may find yourself exhausted as it is into the deep end with deadlines, new routines to establish new rules to learn and new people to get along with. This is nothing you cannot deal with, and you will soon adjust to your new circumstances – you are only feeling stressed as you as a Capricorn like to be organized and on top of things. If you are at uni or college, you will quickly become more involved in student life, i.e. as a class rep, in groups, in student unions.

If you work for a big company, the ongoing changes will continue to affect you, and while there are some exciting options in the future, at the moment there is extra work, a steep learning curve and extra responsibility. Any opportunities to either travel for work or take on a new role may come with more stress and a bigger workload than you were ready for, but although they will not be quite as exciting as you imagined, they will still be worth going for.

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