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Capricorn Snake Personality

The Snake Capricorn is very much the lord or the lady of the manor. You have an assumed aristocratic air and all that such a Snake-type heritage entails — which means expensive taste in all things, coupled with a great distaste for manual labor.

How many Snake/Capricorns does it take to screw in a light bulb, you ask? The answer is two: one to call the electrician and one to mix the martinis to drink while they’re waiting for the help to arrive.

Snake CapricornTraditional to the core as only a Capricorn can be, you frown upon modern laxity in standards of dress and conduct, and for your love life see nothing less than a gigantic church wedding — which can be off-putting for the casual admirer.

Some sort of compromise with our modern world might be necessary from time to time if you want to make through life with your sanity, and bank account, intact.

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