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Capricorn Spiritual Meaning

Capricorn Spiritual Meaning

Your Capricorn Spirit is goal oriented, stable and dedicated to strength and discipline.

Capricorn, being true to yourself means having objectives behind your actions, purpose behind your goals and the strength to reach your mountaintops with dedication and responsibility.

Your purpose is to teach us the strength in upholding our responsibilities, the virtue of patience and foresight and the undeniable strength of spirit combined with man and what it is capable of achieving.

Honor Your Spirit and…….

…learn to laugh as seriously as you carry the responsibilities of your life. Nurture your self before nurturing an outer goal. Become an upholder of the limitless possibilities of man and his soul. Build a dream castle and then gather the tools to bring it into reality.

Capricorn, believe in the true source of security…that lies within yourself. Make experiencing the undeniable joys inherent within life a top priority and do everything you can to reach that goal.

Teach others how to make the most of their resources by making the most of yours. Learn to forgive, to forget and to release.

Turning Adversity into Strength.

Adversity builds your character, your goal orientation and your ability to achieve success. It is the frontier in which you explore the material and literal world around you.

Where many others falter and fall you gain perseverance and discipline and carry on. In this is also your weakness. It can allow you to reasonably ignore your spiritual and inner resources. It can create a sense that life is completely wrapped around being responsible to the serious matters within your life and forget that joy and the experience of life are just as important.

Believe in what lies beyond your reasoning and logical senses, believe in that spark that flickers within us of universal sources and believe that this essence needs support, structure and your attention just as strongly as your outer world needs your discipline.

Capricorn, be true to your purpose of teaching us the true strength we possess as both humans and spiritual beings by honoring and regaling in that within yourself and your life.

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