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Capricorn Tattoo Designs Ideas

Capricorn Tattoo Designs Ideas

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign symbolized by the goat. Capricorns are dedicated, hard working and ambitious. They are the money makers of the zodiac. It may seem as if they are too practical and logical, but underneath their “workaholic” veneer they have warm hearts and are dedicated to their family and loved ones.

Capricorn Tattoos – The Cool Goat-Fish in Zodiac Tattoos

Capricorns are sometimes perceived as people who live a strict life. That is why Capricorn tattoos are usually inked using gray and dark colors such as brown, black or any shades that come in between. You don’t need to follow the usual Capricorn color design for your Capricorn Tattoo especially if you find your life very colorful. Translate your vivid experiences and goals through a Capricorn tattoo that lets you bring into life the vibrant features of your individuality.

If you want your Capricorn tattoo to look modest, you can mull over the glyph for Capricorn, which is a preeminent representation of this zodiac sign. Capricorn tattoo may be small and simple but the message it can put across can be very bold aside from its ability to appear as a noble masterpiece. The Capricorn’s glyph is akin to the capital letter “V” that has a tail that comes off the top of the image’s right hand line.

The back of your shoulder can be a great place to ink your capricorn tattoo designs.

One captivating component of the Capricorn is its association with the planet Saturn. You can spice up your Capricorn tattoo design when you artistically incorporate the planet Saturn and its rings that can oppose the preset bore stiff view on Capricorns; the planet can be a great depiction of the evolving and continuous improvements in your life. You can also make use of the Capricorn’s constellation Copernicus, as the primary design idea for your Capricorn tattoo.

Capricorn played a significant role in the Babylonian tradition, wherein he was indeed an ancient god. What’s mesmerizing about his feature is his unusual body; he held the upper body of a goat while the fish made up his lower body part. His bizarre body combination gave him the capability to rule the ocean at night and take care of the land as well during the day.

You can use various approaches for your Capricorn tattoo, whereas you can draw on the basic goat symbol if you find it superior or you can incorporate the fish to show your flexible and versatile personality.

More Capricorn Tattoo Designs

Capricorns are not likely to get wild or outrageous tattoos, and definitely not a whole sleeve tattoo. They are the type that want tattoos they can easily cover up during their 9-5 when they display their serious side. Therefore, getting a fun but covered up tattoo that no one would guess they have is perfect for Capricorns because there’s always more to them than their coworkers would ever guess.

A goat can be inked on the ambitious Capricorn. If not the whole goat, its horns, or its face can be used instead.

The goat’s environment, for instance the mountains, hills, and grassy landscape can be included as well.

As an Earth sign, Capricorns feel a special connection to the nature, especially small animals. Any small furry land mammals can also be added or even take the place of the goat if the particular Capricorn feels more connected to a different animal rather than goats.

The earth itself, in the form of a small globe, would make a simple but straightforward depiction of the connection Earth signs feel to the planet and all that it encompasses.

Brown and green are the lucky colors associated with this sign and they would work perfectly for nature tattoos.

The planet Saturn, the planet that represents practicality, rules Capricorn. Saturn would make a unique tattoo because it is quite an outstanding planet due to the fact that it has rings going around it.

Capricorns are hard workers not because they are boring but because they know there is a lot that needs to done and they are the ones who do it due to their sense of responsibly.

Capricorns have a sense of responsibility and protectiveness over their family, loved ones and eventually their offspring. Tatting a tree which represents a family tree with the letters of their family members first names written on the leaves is a great idea for Capricorns. Not only does the tree represent their connection to nature, but the reminder of the importance of their family and roots is a reminder to them that all the hard work pays off in the end because its what’s best for their family and loved ones.

The word “Ambition” can be tatted on a Capricorn, because it sums up their inner undying drive that everyone should know about. Capricorns will not let anything or anyone get in the way of their ambition, especially not drama, or pettiness.

The word “Success” with a nature path leading up to it will also work as a unique tattoo. This represents that they are always on a path to success, they don’t just wander around aimlessly. They know where they are headed, and they know their goals will be met when they get there.

Put a Capricorn tattoo on your body!

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