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Capricorn Tiger Personality

You have your own pace, and it’s an amazingly fast one. Events and people pass by you to vanish in the slipstream, as you dash oblivious from one good deed to another.

A Tiger Capricorn just can’t help it — you’re a philanthropist born and bred, although your Tiger half’s disdain for authority and all forms of hierarchy makes your philanthropy more the “giving-money-to-the-bum-on-the-corner” kind rather than the “donating-a-million-dollars-to-build-an-orphanage” kind of kindness.

Tiger CapricornAs a Capricorn you’re not that skilled with the handling of business matters, but this is counterbalanced by an array of friends that love you to distraction.

In fact, the biggest task of your romantic life will be separating your most significant other from your cloud of well-wishers to a degree that meets with his or her approval. Don’t inflate the currency of your love by spending it too freely.

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