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The Capricorn Woman

Our heroine has a quite particular psychological structure, but is therefore extremely interesting.

Without doubt the darkness of the psychology of the Capricorn woman is very male and in fact the planets that are part of this sign have certainly nothing to do with female characteristics: Saturn, Uranus and Mars cannot express softness and sensitivity but strength, determination, responsibility, an ability for detachment and, of course.

This can be considered almost an advantage in the type of society in which we live. In fact, women often find it very hard to live in and to compete with a men’s world and to find appealing opportunities in it that can satisfy that part of their nature connected to efficiency and personal fulfilment.

The Capricorn women behave like men, in the sense that they are ambitious, thoughtful, determined, strong, very efficient, moreover competitive at work, which is often considered to be the most important thing in their lives, if not the only one. They can dedicate themselves to work body and soul, and take out of their life, day after day, what might restrict this devotion.

If, on one hand, this seems to favour them in our society, which is based on the myth of efficiency and reason, on the other it is a big trap for them, which can often become the cause of their biggest problems.

To get their achievements, The Capricorn woman have acted almost surgically on their female characteristics, have removed them, banished them and made them numb, and this results in a big struggle inside them: in fact, while they do not express their female part, they deceive themselves that they are “the same as” their male colleagues, which is not true actually, or rather, it is true as for opportunities but not on an inner level where diversity is powerful and necessary.

Capricorn women are called upon to revise something in their unconscious that makes their nature especially complex: they always have problems with their “female” side; the sign is very heavy on certain characteristics.

The opposition to Cancer, symbol of softness and of the nourishing embrace of the Moon, makes us understand how much these qualities are distant and regretted by Capricorn women, who have learnt to do without what they most want in the world, suppressed their most intimate and deepest needs, and learnt to face up externally to the men’s world made of competitiveness and rationality.

In this way – since she was a child – the Capricorn woman has learnt to look for approval… clearly understanding that fragility and sensitivity were not easily accepted by those around her.

Our heroine reminds us of the mythological Goddess Athena, Zeus’s daughter, who was born as an adult, from her father’s head, wearing a shield, helmet and armour. The Capricorn woman should deeply reflect on this image because it reminds them that they have abandoned the soft part of life, feelings, emotions, but also the ability to nurture, because everything seems too painful to experience when childhood was already an adult phase, full of tasks to be carried out and rules to be complied with, and when the mother figure was lacking the protective and comforting characteristics that should have helped to grow up and to handle emotional difficulties without removing them completely.

Often, since they were children, the Capricorn women have realised that they have to love themselves in order to be accepted, they did not have to be a burden for others, but had to be useful and above all never had to show fragility.

In the myths Capricorn characteristics are always very strong: sensitivity is mistaken for fragility and fragility must be absolutely banished because in these families it is not admitted. Thus, the Capricorn woman too has got used not to asking, not to showing needs, but she has always counted on herself and given up the gratification that hardly ever arrived and that forged a mentality of “I won’t ask, but I will take action, because it is better to take action rather than to be told no”.

The Capricorn woman psychology has been built on the need to “avoid refusals” that was the hardest thing to put up with in her childhood, the time of life when you have the biggest needs. Thus, they gradually started to consider all the female characteristics as “negative”, from sensitivity to feelings, from seduction to control; they have banished all that, and fought against it when they saw other women behaving like that.

This is just the trap: they have felt very appreciated by men because they are “strong and different from the other women”, but, actually, they have become “would-be men”, very respected in all fields, apart from the working and professional ones.

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