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Cat Horoscopes: Astrology Traits by Zodiac Sign

A Cat Lovers’ Astrology Guide to the Zodiac Signs

cats horoscopesCats sometimes have bad press. They are portrayed as cruel, annoying, unfriendly, bossy, aloof, incapable of love and only giving attention when they want food. What’s the real story behind the myth?

Cats have myriad personalities, just like human beings. There’s the cat who likes to visit everyone in a block of flats, for example, while another will think a one-bedroom flat is a self-contained heaven and hate the idea of leaving it. Another may act as though it can single-handedly solve the pigeon problem in any city. Some just like to meow to birds through the window and dream about what they would taste like, if only they could be bothered getting up. Some are nervy, some are lazy, some aloof, some social, some chatty, some playful, some like to snuggle up to you in bed.

Often the details of a cat’s birth time and birth place will have been lost. Read through the Element and Quality descriptions and see which ones suit your cat best. If you can identify the Quality and Element most like your cat, you have found his or her Zodiac Sign.

Read a brief zodiac sign coverage for your cat below:

Aries Cat

Disagreeing with an Aries cat is like disagreeing with a toddler – don’t do it! They don’t mean to be argumentative, they just know what they want and they want it now.

Taurus Cat

Taurean cats are fat and lazy. Often, they are rich and if they aren’t, they act like it. That cushion may have come from the op shop, but you can bet it is made of the highest quality velvet.

Gemini Cat

Gemini cats are very highly strung. If a leaf falls in front of your house, Gemini felines will run for cover before it hits the ground.

Cancer Cat

The crab-cat is a true house-cat. These cats have decided to domesticate with good reason and they know why they are here. They love being fed, being indoors, and having a safe, secure home.

Leo Cat

Leonine cats are like movie stars. They adore being applauded and thrive and depend on adoration. Leonines love people, and any other species who love them and give them attention.

Virgo Cat

These cats have a humble beauty about them, of which they are oblivious. Perhaps they could be best represented by the tabby. These cats are often slightly smaller than others. They can be worriers and may suffer from nervous conditions.

Libra Cat

Libran cats tend to be petite and very pretty. They are often long haired and need to be brushed regularly. They may like to flirt with visitors, circling their legs meowing, but not quite letting them touch. Libran cats need harmonious surroundings and will not fare well in a chaotic or argumentative household.

Scorpio Cat

Scorpion cats know about life’s extremes. They may well have been homeless for a week or so, living on the streets, or carry an impressive scar or two. They have an air of mystery, having turned up out of nowhere, and will test the 9 life theory to the limit.

Sagittarius Cat

If Sagittarius were represented by a cat, it would be the classic tomcat. We’ve all known one – they are unusually large, often a glowing orange in colour, and very adventurous. They like the outdoors, and retain some of their wildness, being less easily seduced by the comforts of life as a pet than the other signs.

Capricorn Cat

While Lion-cats are the Elizabeth Taylor’s of the feline world, Capricorn cats’ link to Egypt is more direct. These cats have poise; they command respect.

Aquarius Cat

Aquarian cats are eccentric. They might love water, and may go outside in the rain and purr. They can be very friendly and sociable, and make friends with a lot of the neighbours, even the local dogs. They may be quite vocal, and you can have a good chat with them.

Pisces Cat

The Piscean cat is a dreamer, and the only cat you can sneak up on. These cats can seem distant and vague, but can also be deeply empathic and understanding. They know when you need them and are always there for you.

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