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Crime Astrology – The Astrology Of Killers

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Astrologers on Crime and Pathology

The dominion of Mars and Pluto over probing and penetration connect the 8th house, through its co-significator Scorpio to research, depth psychology, psychoanalysis, and the occult. Negatively, penetration relates to rape, murder, sadism, sodomy, and other ways people pierce one another. The sex of the 8th is vastly different from the recreational sex of the 5th house where Venus rejoices.

– Anthony Lewis, Horary Astrology Plain & Simple

The astrological signs of masochism include a dominant and afflicting Neptune, and a strong and favorable feminine aspect in the map. The tendency to renunciation and suppression of the self inherent in Neptune form an essential feature of masochism, while the dominant position accorded to women presupposes a very strong and favorable Venus.

– Vivian E. Robson, Astrology and Sex

The opposition of Mars to Pluto is quite treacherous; it is often prominent in the charts of those who die violent deaths. It is an aspect that reflects a test on the evolutionary path to determine whether the personal nature or the spiritual nature is the stronger force. The actions of these individuals have far-reaching consequences, both for themselves and others.

– Celeste Teal, Identifying Planetary Triggers

While every horoscope shows a human being trying to fulfill himself, no horoscope says “murderer” or “war criminal.” There are too, too many variables and judgments within the reality situation of any time of personal development; they cannot possibly be contained within the individual’s horoscope or in mental anticipation. However, in suggesting the process of working to fulfill one’s needs, the horoscope can uncover vulnerabilities that, in certain reality situations, may admit behaviors at value-levels different than the norm.

– Noel Tyl, Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology

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