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Celestial Hosts Of Aquarius

The constellations are the dwelling places of great celestial beings (also called hierarchies, hosts, and Lords) who, long ago, were responsible for creating different aspects of humanity. As the Sun passes through each sign in its 12 month (one constellation per month) journey around the zodiac, one by one these celestial beings become available to us. Being our creators, and very responsible for their creations, these hierarchies continue to guide and inform our evolution daily.

The Hosts of Aquarius

The constellation Aquarius signifies a man (Sanskrit for mind) holding an urn pouring forth a liquid. This liquid is electricity streaming through the air and dropping into the questioning minds of man. The constellation Aquarius is host (home) to a type of archangel called the Sons of Man. The angels in Fra Angelico’s painting are the archangels from Aquarius. If we decode the words Sons of Man we have Suns (illumination) of Mind (man means mind). Since the Lords of Venus gave us our mental seed 18 million years ago we have been developing the personality (body, emotions, and concrete mind). As we move into the Aquarian Age we will develop our abstract and intuitive minds in order to contact the Soul.

Aquarius works with the planet Uranus. The discovery of Uranus (1781) coincided with the Industrial, French, and American revolutions and Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb which, in stimulating our minds, accelerated our evolution. In 1992 it was Uranus that felled the Berlin Wall. During 1997 Uranus in Aquarius will advance the fields of information technology. Being in the Information Age with databases at our fingertips has a purpose. Like the computer and under the influences of Uranus and Aquarius, our mind will link up until we become One Mind. At that moment we will discover the scientific basis of our spirituality and science will reveal the fact of God.

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