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Celestial Hosts Of Cancer

The constellations are the dwelling places of great celestial beings (also called hierarchies, hosts, and Lords) who, long ago, were responsible for creating different aspects of humanity. As the Sun passes through each sign in its 12 month (one constellation per month) journey around the zodiac, one by one these celestial beings become available to us. Being our creators, and very responsible for their creations, these hierarchies continue to guide and inform our evolution daily.

Celestial Hosts of Cancer

The cherubim are angelic beings from the constellation of Cancer. Their most important work is to protect sacred places. Co-working with Capricorn (home of the Archangels), the cherubim blend the energies of spirit and matter. Long ago, when our physical bodies were being constructed, each angelic realm from the twelve constellations stepped in and provided a specific part. The cherubim vitalized the germ of the life spirit within each of us. This life seed is a minute cell with the capability of reproduction. The cherubim linked the life force to our divine force.

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