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Celestial Hosts Of Gemini

The constellations are the dwelling places of great celestial beings (also called hierarchies, hosts, and Lords) who, long ago, were responsible for creating different aspects of humanity. As the Sun passes through each sign in its 12 month (one constellation per month) journey around the zodiac, one by one these celestial beings become available to us. Being our creators, and very responsible for their creations, these hierarchies continue to guide and inform our evolution daily.

The Lords of Gemini

The Hosts of Gemini are also called the Seraphim and the Lords of Mercury. They lead us to the work of theMind, which explores duality and eventually reconciles Spirit and matter.

The Lords of Mercury initiate us into the work of aligning lower mind to Higher Mind. This is the activity of Ray 3, which is Active Intelligence (Earth being Spiritual ruler of Gemini). “When the dual brothers (Gemini twins, Castor/Pollux) become the one who rides towards the light (Sagittarius, the Lords of the Mind), the 4th (humanity, the link) becomes the 5th (Hierarchy, the bestower of all good).”*

A keynote of Gemini is mental activity. The Hierarchy of Gemini generates activity in abstract (symbolic) thought which is the developmental stage for our current humanity. This activity (symbols) builds substance in our higher mind that will later be used in the Aquarian Age.

At the Festival of Humanity, the Hierarchy of Gemini helps us strive towards the awareness of duality and its resolution (through Ray 2 of Love Wisdom, and through Venus, the great attractive force). This is an uplifting impulse and we are aware of subtle impressions drawing us into the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things (realm of the intuition).

From Corinne Helene’s book, “Occult Anatomy & the Bible,” we read that as the child is formed in the womb of the mother the Hierarchy of Gemini unites the forces of life with form so that Spirit becomes indwelling. Gemini gives the pattern of dual forces, the arms and vital center of breath, the lungs. The impress of Gemini is on all dual body organs.

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