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Celestial Hosts Of Libra

The constellations are the dwelling places of great celestial beings (also called hierarchies, hosts, and Lords) who, long ago, were responsible for creating different aspects of humanity. As the Sun passes through each sign in its 12 month (one constellation per month) journey around the zodiac, one by one these celestial beings become available to us. Being our creators, and very responsible for their creations, these hierarchies continue to guide and inform our evolution daily.

Libra’s Lords of Individuality

As we have mentioned before, the twelve constellations are home to twelve great hierarchies of Beings, each of whom, helped in the creation and development of mankind. The Libra constellation is home to archangelic beings called The Lords of Individuality. In order to serve the great Plan of Creation and accelerate their own evolution, these Libra Lords radiated from themselves the first seed of humanity’s desire body. The tone in which this was done was in the key of D.

The desire world is a world of light and color. Forms are not physical in the desire world. They are unstable but contain very sweet tones. When one is in love, all things take on a brighter hue and a sweetness of sound. This gift of desire is what the Lords of Libra gave to humanity. Desire has a luminous quality and contains both darkness and light. The purpose of desire is so that we can be impelled to move in many different directions. Desire gives to dense, immoveable physical matter the incentive to do something, to move and act, and to grow in experience. Desire has within its luminous form cosmic forces which interpenetrate our physical bodies, urging us to respond to life — to feel, experience, and eventually to evolve to higher states of being.

The desire world is one degree less dense than the physical matter world. Physical matter has within it the quality of inertia. It is the desire world that gives physical matter its movement and gives life to matter. The desire world gives movement, fluidity, sound, color, light, and action to matter. It also gives humanity the ability to feel, to desire, and to have emotions. This is the force within us called attraction and repulsion, or creation or destruction. When attraction occurs a new life is formed; there is interest, growth, and activity.

When repulsion occurs, an old form (not life) dies out; there is death, and activity ceases.

Libra calls forth both polarities to be experienced so that in the course of experience and time, a still point is reached. In esoteric studies, this still point is called the “limpid emotional field,” which means that after all extremes are felt, the disciple is then able to reorient the emotions, enter into the mental field and from there, choose the place between the two lines of emotional force, that of quiet and peaceful harmony.

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