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Celestial Hosts Of Scorpio

The constellations are the dwelling places of great celestial beings (also called hierarchies, hosts, and Lords) who, long ago, were responsible for creating different aspects of humanity. As the Sun passes through each sign in its 12 month (one constellation per month) journey around the zodiac, one by one these celestial beings become available to us. Being our creators, and very responsible for their creations, these hierarchies continue to guide and inform our evolution daily.

The Lords of Form

The celestial beings associated with Scorpio are called the Lords of Form. In Christian terms, they are the Powers, advanced creator angels who work balancing spirit and matter. They create by lending their form and substance to the Earth and they rule over the sphere of the Sun.

October 23 to November 23 is the time of the year dedicated to the Scorpio Hierarchy. These Lords of Form, working with the cosmic energies from Ray 4 in the Big Dipper, drop specific energies first to the Sun and then through Mercury, Mars, and Pluto to our planet in order to transmute dense matter into Spirit. Their responsibility is also to inform us of the difference between generation and regeneration. Generation keeps us on the cycle of rebirth seeking greater and greater lives of sensation. Regeneration, on the other hand, is the realization that there is something greater than material desires and passions, and if we do not seek that “greater life”, we eventually feel spiritually barren. As we progress into the Aquarian Age, humanity will ultimately outgrow material expressions. This is called the Spiritualization of Matter.

The Lords of Form began working with humanity in its infancy on Planet Earth. They directed the growth of our present body form, reshaping and reorienting it to be responsive to the force of the brain and mind. Presently the Lords of Form are attempting to influence humanity in the uses and abilities of our mental capacities as a form of transmuting our senses and passions. We are being asked to respond more to the planet Mercury’s (mind) influence and less to the planet Mars’ (personal desires, sex, money, power) influence. When the mind is no longer informed by prejudice and opinion (Mars), but instead by knowledge and wisdom (Mercury), the body will turn to light for its food. This is part of the future work of the Lords of Form.

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