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The Child Archetype

The Child Archetype

The Child is an archetype in Jungian psychology. It is refered to as a childish or childlike longing for the innocent, regardless of age. There are several recognizable child archetypes such as the “Abandoned Child”, “The Wounded Child” and “The Divine Child” to name a few.

This archetype is present in all of us. We were all children once and probably wish, once or twice, for the innocent and care-free days of our childhood as opposed to the complicated and chaotic world of adults.

We also manifest this archetype when we need reassurance or comfort from other people. There are times when we need a hug or a pat on the back, this is our inner child speaking to us, seeking recognition.

The child archetype in literature is sometimes portrayed as children who display adult like qualities. Linus Van Pelt in Peanuts and Lisa Simpson in The Simpsons are both wise beyond their ages.

The Abandoned or Orphaned child can be Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz who found herself in a strange land, wanting to go home or Annie in the comic strip Little Orphan Annie who seeks the love of a parent.

The Divine Child is symbolized by Christ and can be interpreted as the self seeking spiritual growth.

All of these variations of the Child archetypes are said to be the inner child in us speaking to us looking for acknowledgement.

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