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Chinese Horoscope 2015 – Year of the Sheep (Goat) 2015

I am a passive onlooker
I let bygones be bygones
Goodness brings me fortune
I believe in the human race
I understand the meaning of giving
My cup is never empty
I am loyal and just and in others I trust







Happy New Year!

The Chinese year of the Goat (Sheep) 2015 will start on February 19, 2015 (according to the lunar calendar).

THE YEAR OF THE GOAT (Sheep, Ram) 2015

year-of-the-sheep-2015This particular year in the Chinese Zodiac has three images, each one of them symbolizes one aspect of the energy we will experience this year. There is Ram energy, Sheep energy, and Goat energy. (Actually, a Ram is a male sheep used for breeding; the female is called a Ewe; and their offspring is a Lamb).

Sheep are different than goats, they are wooly creatures, and they are raised in part for the richness of their coats–which are trimmed–providing the valuable commodity, wool. Their coats are used to make clothing, cloth, carpets, and other sturdy materials meant to last over time. Sheep also provide us with meat and in some countries, cheese. Unlike sheep, goats have “hair”, and are often raised for milk, meat and cheese.

Even though sheep and goats are different, they are often used interchangeably to describe the eighth sign of the Chinese Zodiac. What we want to focus on here is how we see these animals, and how our perception of their energy will translate into our understanding of the energy for 2015.

  1. The Ram: This energy is strong, stubborn, sometimes downright belligerent. If something stands in the ram’s way, the ram will just put his head down and plow his way forward, through whatever blocks his way. This ram energy is like a mack-truck, nothing can block it from reaching its goal, its desired destination. Once in motion, ram energy has a lot of trouble processing new information or changing directions.
  2. The Goat:
    Sometimes this year, we are likely to hear some people say, “We are in 2015, Year of the Wood Goat!”. So, lets think about what we know of this animal in general. Goats are extremely curious and quite intelligent. The energy of the goat is one of foraging–eating anything and everything it can find. This energy represents the ability to take any resource and make it useful. This goat energy will take the leftovers from one source and turn them into a feast for another.

    Goats have the ability to climb and maintain their balance even in precarious places. (A goat can even climb trees!) They cleverly find their way out of pens and past fences. The goat represents the energy of always climbing, always working towards a better goal.

    A Goat will do whatever it takes to get out of a trapped situation, and/or to seek out the place here the grass indeed is greener. The goat sees how just a little effort can lead to a life of peace and prosperity. Goat is willing to make the effort to have a better life.

  3. The Sheep: There is one image of the energy of the docile sheep with it’s head down, focusing on nothing but the grass they are eating. He or she wakes in the morning with no thought but to enjoy the day, and then the shepherd comes and moves the flock of sheep to the part of the field where it will spend its day.

    Sheep are quick to follow a leader, whomever that may be. Sometimes they follow a Ram who has taken on the leadership role. Sometimes it is the shepherd and his sheepdog who point out the direction to the flock.

    Sheep tend to stay near other members of the flock. Sheep rarely venture out on their own, and can become quite stressed when they are separated from other members of their flock. It is not uncommon for us to recognize and identify similar behavior mirrored among our fellow citizens all around us in our own lives.

    Each of us has some area(s) of life where it feels good to be part of a group of like-minded others. And if we observe other societies and cultures around the world, it is common to notice people prefer to spend time with others who share their opinions, their beliefs and traditions, rather than mixing with people who express different political or social ideas and ideals.

    While alert to general danger, a sheep feels safe being part of the herd, one among many. He or she is not required to make individual judgments or decisions, simply to go with the flow. For individuals, mimicking this behavior can be pleasant for a while, or in a particular situation; but it may not be helpful to do this for days or months at a time.

Global Predictions for 2015, Year of the Wood Sheep

In 2015 it will be important not to fall into this pattern of behavior for extended periods of time. Even though it might feel comfortable to simply relax and “go with the flow” in our own lives, and let others make decisions on our behalf, this can lead to difficulties. We need to be mindful of the fact that sheep eat from dawn until dusk. This year we will need to be conscious of our eating habits and not follow mindless patterns.

You can choose to express any of these energies during this year, or you can experience a combination of several. This year we’ll see the Ram/Sheep/Goat energy manifest in our friends and family, in governments, communities, and corporations. We’ll experience all aspects of the patterns and familiar behaviors of Ram/Sheep/Goat in every part of our lives.

After the wild ride of a Horse year we can expect smaller, more conservative growth in the Year of the Sheep. The Chinese name for the Year of the Sheep (or Goat) is wei, which means: “not yet”. The name indicates this is more of a waiting period, rather than a time of action. People will talk about waiting for the right time, or waiting for things to improve, or waiting for the right opportunity.

The energy of this year is also about wanting to improve things, to discern or figure out what is working, and what is not working in our lives. Analytical abilities will be valued as people feel the need to consider the pluses and minuses of every possible scenario before committing to action. People will be curious to understand the motivations of others, and seek to discover any possible hidden agenda.

The Sheep is a Yin energy, a symbol of Peace, Harmonious co-existence and Tranquility. That is the primary and fundamental mood for this year. Though there are cries for War and a countdown is soon to begin, if any almanac serves me well – War will be averted and a period of mending and compromise will be undertaken to ensure Peace is maintained.

Chinese Horoscope 2015 – Year of the Sheep (Goat) 2015The Sheep relates to passive and nurturing times. It will help the healing process with regard to past events caused by individuals who have little respect for the human race or life itself. It will be a year of banding together in faith and in belief that good will prevail and win out over the forces that refuse to comply to a peaceful way of life. For those who trust in goodness, happiness and success will follow.

The emphasis will be on joining forces in order to fight the evil and destruction that has been brewing. With the planet Saturn into the sign Scorpio and the planet Pluto in its long stay in the sign Capricorn, there will be greater concern with structure, getting back to basics and using greater intuition to find solutions to problems that have been plaguing the world for some time.

Much will depends on this – the balance of international economy and social harmony is in peace. The call for war is not a step to be taken lightly. Though sabers are rattling on either side, as the calming vapours of the Sheep year spreads over the Nations, sentiments will be kindled and wisdom will prevail. Fate will send emissaries to change the faces of aggression towards a more Peaceful compromise. It does not kill the doubts, anger or desire for violence, but it puts a blanket of constrain over it.

So will it be among family members and bitter economic rivals. Many will look into their hearts and souls and wonder at past passionate grievances and the realisation that the road to harmony and economic strength is through peaceful rather than violent ways.

On the family front, it will be a time to unite and instil loyalty and discipline. Angers will cool and decisions that will disrupt family harmony will be laid aside to give it time to heal. So capture the moment to mend fences and broken promises.

People will be more social, especially when they are feeling stressed. They will want to spend time around friends and family (even if it’s done virtually, online). So, this is the year to take action, and if you’re not already on social media, you probably want to at least get familiar with it!

People will be looking for leaders, and some of those leaders will be brilliant, positive inspirations, and some will not. Many people will follow someone else, just because they need to know which direction to go. These people won’t necessarily even be aware of where they are being lead.

People who are blindly following others will ultimately find themselves at quite a distance from where they originally thought or believed their destination might be. We need to remember to ask ourselves who our chosen leaders are. What kind of lives do these leaders live? What are the implications of the decisions these leaders make on behalf of their followers? What happens to people when they follow in the footsteps these leader figures or role models suggest, etc.

That said, people will want the leaders they choose, not ones chosen for them. So people will not be so amenable to elected leaders after they are in office; and they will complain bitterly about what elected officials do or do not do. However, this is a time of record low voter turnout. Fewer and fewer people want to get involved in their communities or in politics in general, because their own lives will be such a handful.

People will be more on edge this year. They will react when they sense danger. They may flee, or they may strike out defensively. Many people will be in the news due to an outburst of temper, or for taking sudden and unexpected action. There may be more incidents of road rage and shootings resulting from heated arguments. As a result of the stressful energy, many people will prefer to stay at home more; or they will stick to familiar neighborhood spots.

While people themselves may seem a little more reserved in their dealings with others, they will also be more compassionate towards masses of others who are suffering. There will be outpourings of generosity for those who experience weather- and war-related disasters in other lands.

This year people will value high moral principles. But unfortunately this appreciation of moral values, and the generosity they express towards those in need, will mostly be directed to people unknown to them. People will feel much less compassion for people in our own neighborhoods, in our own country–people we see every day, but who are in the background of our lives. We may not even think about our neighbors struggling to find jobs or to make ends meet.

In Chinese folklore, the symbol of the Ram (the male Sheep) is the one for retirement–a symbol for living a good life in retirement. With millions of baby boomers reaching the age of retirement in ever increasing numbers, there will be lots of blogs and news stories about people who can and cannot retire.
Taking a vacation and/or days off work will become more important this year. And there will be lots of media stories about how to enjoy (and spend money) on leisure activities.

The aura of the 2015 Sheep (Goat) year will gradually radiate its way to all. The most turbulent times will be during the period of the Dragon, which is from the Vernal Equinox on March 20th till April 20th, and especially the period of the Ox where a grave threat will again raise its ugly head. This will be from the Day of the Winter Solstice on the 22nd of December till the 20th of January 2016. But for the moment, allow the calming balms of the Sheep’s vibrations to flow through you, and through you, to touch every heart you meet.

2015 is a year to use mental abilities over brute force. For those who wish to be aggressive, expect to be out-maneuvered by strategy and common sense.


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