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Chinese Horoscope 2023 – Chinese New Year Of The Rabbit 2023

Chinese Horoscope 2023 Predictions For All Zodiac Signs


I dance to the beat of the forest
Listen to Mother Nature’s echo
Never fearing the future Or regretting the past
Living in the moment
Aware of jungle justice
I follow my own path
Ignore festering disputes
I focus on the beautiful
But recognize the ugly
I strive for harmony
And symbolize equality.

Happy New Year!

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Chinese New Year 2023
Chinese Horoscope 2023 Predictions
Chinese Year of the Rabbit 2023 Predictions
Feng Shui 2023

Welcome to the Chinese Horoscope 2023! The Chinese New Year 2023 of the Water Rabbit will start on January 22, 2023 – the second New Moon after the Solstice.


Here is the first 2023 zodiac predictions for all animal signs: Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Rabbit, Rat, Rabbit, Rabbit and Rabbit.

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Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Cat

Chinese New Year 2023

Chinese Horoscope 2023 Predictions: Is It a Good Year For You?

With Chinese New Year 2023 approaching it’s again time to know the Chinese Zodiac 2023 Predictions.

What does the Chinese Year of the Rabbit mean for you in 2023? Please choose your zodiac sign and click to read the chinese horoscope 2023.

2023 Chinese Zodiac Sign By Sign

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2019 Chinese Zodiac Summary:

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2023 Chinese Horoscope – Brief excerpts:

The following are forecasts for the individual signs in the Year of the Rabbit 2023:

The Rat
The Chinese horoscope 2023 shows that the Rat will acquire new and valuable business or career contacts while networking in this calm and quiet year. He will move in new or better circles as his popularity is on the rise. He should mingle with the crowd and try not to be noticed. Working behind the scenes is a useful strategm for the Rat rather than open opposition, and his secret dreams and aspirations can be attained if he finds the right sponsor or mentor. This is a time to be careful and play your cards close to your vest.

The Ox
The Year of the Rabbit 2023 is not an ideal year for the Ox, although things are definitely turning around for the better. There may be many problems to settle and loose ends to tie up. It is possible that the Ox may fail to collect debts or lose money on some investments. The death of or separation from people close to him may bring some sorrow and distract him from his work. However, the tranquil and soothing atmosphere of the Year of the Rabbit brings him an oasis from his many commitments. At least he can work in peace! Progress should be steady and predictable and there is not much to worry about. What better time than now for Oxen to catch up on the things they really enjoy! If they can’t go sailing, fishing, mountain climbing, or play golf, they should simply take some time off.

The Tiger
The 2023 chinese predictions shows that this is a fortuitious year in which it would be wise to take advantage of the prevailing calm and rest a bit. Both romance and business affairs look promising, and there is some good news in store. The Tiger will be able to surmount the difficulties in his path as long as he refuses to be drawn into problems or controversies that do not concern him. He should be content with his achievements this year.

The Rabbit
The Chinese astrology 2023 shows that there are no problems for the Rabbit in this, his auspicious year. Career advancement, promotions, or financial coups may be ahead of him. There are unexpected benefits to be reaped, and investments or funds could be recovered that were once considered lost. Joy and romance come to him from happy tidings and celebrations at home. Projects he has been working on will finally pay off. This is a great time for Rabbits, so go for it!

The Dragon
The Chinese zodiac 2023 shows that a sense of calm returns to the Dragon’s life in the Year of the Rabbit 2023. Fortune smiles on the Dragon again and as a consequence, a fair amount of progress can be expected. Both home and love life become more settled; however, he could experience some minor health problems. The Year of the Rabbit is a good time to make long-term commitments, find influential associates, and negotiate new ventures. There will be no financial upsets or bad news for the Dragon this year.

The Snake
Time to relax in this successful, happy year for the Snake native. However, don’t take things at face value or you may have some surprises in store! This year Snakes may be unable to spend enough time with those they like due to all their responsibilities. Money comes and goes easily for Snakes in the Year of the Rabbit.

The Horse
The Chinese forecast for 2023 shows that this should be a good year with lots of romance, work, social life, and perhaps even a little politics! Horses should also be lucky with investments this year. Although involved, the Horse’s life runs smoothly and he can venture anywhere and encounter few problems. Expect happy news or new members in the family. Even the most adventurous Horse may take a break from his hectic life or many travels this year and get a well-deserved rest and an opportunity to attend to matters at home. Happiness will come from a blessing in disguise.

The Ram
The 2023 chinese horoscope shows that this is a fortunate and fairly easy year of invitations, meetings, parties, and people who like your company. At last, someone is taking notice! There will be some gains for the Ram at work and in his finances. Information or assistance comes from people met by being in the right place at the right time. However, Rams should not become too complacent. There may be upheavals at home or some repercussions due to past neglect. Accidental injuries or overexertion could cause health problems. By the end of the year, however, you will be on top of the game.

The Monkey
The Year of the Rabbit 2023 is favorable for Monkeys from every point of view, business in particular. It brings him better prospects and situations in which the Monkey can capitalize on his wits. Unlikely friends and places bring benefits. The Monkey’s domestic and love life will be calm, and his business or career will enjoy some upward momentum. This is a good time to make changes in your environment, check out various opportunities, and develop new contacts and ideas. The Monkey will be able to sell himself and find ways to promote his many gifts. However, he shouldn’t be over-confident or boastful, and by all means he should watch his tongue! If he is not careful and vigilant, people could use his own ideas or words against him.

The Rooster
The 2017 Chinese astrology shows that the Rooster will stay on the defensive and undertake nothing new as he is still a bit shattered by the previous year. But this can be a fair time for him if he remains conservative in outlook. The Year of the Rabbit could present some unpleasant surprises. Speculation is not advised as investments this year are unreliable. Roosters can wind up making the wrong choices if they don’t seek expert advice and then take it. Profits may evaporate in the face of unexpected expenses and miscalculations, which they will be prone to. Roosters should join forces with others instead of acting independently. Do not argue, criticize, or challenge authority this year as the Rooster does not need any more problems than he already has. If he becomes too distracted by controversies at work, his family and love life may become strained.

The Dog
This is a good time for the Dog to kick back and take a rest. The Year of the Rabbit 2023 should bring some peace and quiet. It might be a favorable time to profit from this calm period and get married, start a business, or go into a partnership. The Dog will be able to to reorganize matters to the benefit of others and thus advance his position. It is so easy for him to gain people’s cooperation that difficulties can be resolved with a minimum of complications. In both his home and love lives, the Dog can easily find harmony or solve problems, and there are few obstacles in his path. Through concentrating on doing what he likes and pursuing his hobbies, the Dog can relax and, as a consequence, become more productive.

The Boar
The Chinese 2023 horoscope shows that all will go well — provided there is no hint of anything to do with court cases in the air. Legal actions must be avoided at all costs, even if it means a small loss of face. Obstacles may still crop up but there should be no major upheavals. Lost ground can be recaptured and good progress made. Tranquility should reign in the Boar’s love life and family environment, and the year will be filled with reunions and other happy gatherings. The Boar will make some financial gains and be able to consolidate his position while entertaining and making new contacts. Romantic involvement and new social ties are in store for those born in the year of the Boar.

Year Of The Rabbit 2023 Predictions

General Predictions For The Year Of The Rabbit 2023

The Year of the Rabbit 2023 will seem on the surface to be a calm one. This is an opportunity to rest, for the next year may be exhausting! This will be a great year for diplomats. Expect changes, especially in the law. The aspects are favorable for people in the legal profession.

The Year of the Rabbit is an auspicious year for Rabbits, Tigers, Dragons, Snakes, Horses, Monkeys, and Dogs. It can be a difficult year for Oxen. Those born in the Year of the Boar should beware involvement in legal matters. Rams should beware of health problems. Rats and Roosters would do well to stay in the background.

See the 2023 chinese zodiac predictions for your animal sign.

Feng Shui 2023 Guidelines For The Year Of the Rabbit 2023

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