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Chinese Horoscope 2025 – Chinese New Year Of The Snake 2025

Chinese Horoscope 2025 Predictions For All Zodiac Signs


I wait and watch with keen perception.
Deliberately camouflaging my existence.
Judiciously choosing the precise moment to strike.
Unnoticed, silent and insatiably voracious,
There is no mistaking my strength or purpose.
I can outstare and devour the toughest competitor.
I know when to move and when to retreat.
I am calculating and ruthless.
I move with poise and confidence.

Happy New Year!

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Chinese New Year 2025
Chinese Horoscope 2025 Predictions
Chinese Year of the Snake 2025 Predictions
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Welcome to the Chinese Horoscope 2025! The Chinese New Year 2025 of the Wood Snake will start on January 29, 2025 – the second New Moon after the Solstice.


Here is the first 2025 zodiac predictions for all animal signs: Snake, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Snake, Rat, Snake, Snake and Snake.

Best Wishes, The Astrology Club Team.

Chinese Zodiac Snake


Chinese New Year 2025

Chinese Horoscope 2025 Predictions: Is It a Good Year For You?

With Chinese New Year 2025 approaching it’s again time to know the Chinese Zodiac 2025 Predictions.

What does the Chinese Year of the Snake mean for you in 2025? Please choose your zodiac sign and click to read the chinese horoscope 2025.

2025 Chinese Zodiac Sign By Sign

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2025 Chinese Zodiac Summary:

Best Year for:

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2025 Chinese Horoscope – Brief excerpts:

The following are forecasts for the individual signs in the Year of the Snake 2025:

The Rat

The Chinese horoscope 2025 shows that this year brings mixed fortunes for the Rat who must be extra cautious with investments and important decisions. It would be much better for the Rat to let it be and use the time to write (all Rats can do this if they try, and it’s a good year for thinkers anyway). He will be quite successful in different kinds of examinations and interviews. His diligence and intelligence will impress his superiors, and the chances are good for a promotion. However, it would be wise for him to keep a low profile in order to eliminate unnecessary trouble from jealous people around him.

Since financially this won’t be a profitable year for the Rat, he will have to watch his budget and economic growth very carefully. He should not expect too much from romance or he will be deeply disappointed. An illness or loss of money could cast some gloom on his home. Family and friends will make enormous demands on his time. Efforts may go unrewarded and he may feel unappreciated especially if his expectations are too high. Fortunately, the Rat will be quite healthy this year and has nothing to worry about on this score. If he perseveres, luck will take a turn for the better by the end of the year. He should be able to recoup his losses and see his efforts pay off. The Rat will end the Snake’s year with a positive outlook due to his immense faith in himself.

The Ox

The Chinese zodiac 2025 shows that good times are predicted this year for the Ox born. He will find it easy to make money. Things are all within his reach this year. Investments and hard work finally pay off and personal life is alive with romance and new friendships. On the darker side, though, the Ox should watch out for trouble in the home — and with the family! Oxen may have misunderstanding with some associates or find out that someone has betrayed their confidence.

The Ox needs to take care not to let bad temper get the better of him or to be violent. He should resolve his problems by being open to discussions, otherwise he will invite complications. Most important of all, the Ox should never try his luck in anything illegal, as he will surely be punished. Although he will have a steady income, he should not risk his money in gambling. His main concern is not how to earn money, but how to save money. He will have not too much to worry about regarding his health this year but he must mind the health and safety of his children. The Ox should never marry during the Year of the Snake. He should try to build a better understanding with his lover this year, before it’s too late. Hopefully the Ox will use the wisdom of the Snake this year to seek counsel when things are not working out as he wishes.

The Tiger

The Chinese astrology 2025 shows that this will be a very fortunate and smooth year for the Tiger with no large gains or losses in store. His life should be tranquil if he takes care not to get caught up in the affairs of others. He will get the necessary help from other people whenever it is needed, but is cautioned to not rely too much on others as he will see much better achievements if he can take a more aggressive role at work. Progress will be steady with only minor health problems and he will not find too many obstacles careerwise. His strong leadership will be a very important key to his future success.

This is a time for leaving on voyages of discovery, for finding forgotten tribes and buried cities. Above all, it is important to avoid inactivity. However, the Tiger should try to keep his mouth shut and not talk too much about his business secrets. He will be quite fortunate in money affairs and realize an income from different sources. He will be in very good shape physically but will have to watch his personal and home safety. Tigers will be quite active in social gatherings and will become quite popular among new acquaintances. Most of the disappointments this year will come from persons of the opposite sex. Romantic entanglements tend to get complicated. The Tiger needs to step back and look at the whole picture to get a clear, objective view before making any decisions. This is not a year to be too intense or possessive.

The Rabbit

The Chinese predictions for 2025 shows that this will be a pretty rough, unproductive year for the Rabbit. One thinks, one philosophises, one writes perhaps — and hopefully domestic dramas and traumas stay away from the door. However, the Rabbit may have to change direction and rethink his plans to suit others. He should try to keep alert to oncoming dangers or he might be swallowed up by his opponents.

The Rabbit must keep in mind that he should never get involved in any illegal activities this year, or he will surely end up in jail. Difficulties can arise from several areas, forcing him to consolidate his position or even to change his residence or job. Unexpected expenses crop up and the Rabbit finds less time to spend with loved ones. He should try to keep away from borrowing, and must get enough rest and sleep to avoid a sudden physical collapse. The Rabbit should try to calm down in romance, and concentrate only on his career and money affairs. Thankfully, winter will bring a peaceful respite to the Rabbit’s troubles as he recoups his losses and sorts things out to his liking. His struggles will pay off handsomely at year’s end.

The Dragon

The Chinese forecast for 2025 shows that on the whole, everything is for the best, a lucky year for business endeavors. Under the serene eye of the Snake, the Dragon can continue to glitter and shine with all his might, and he will enjoy a happy and easy life. Personal and business relations will be much improved this year, and this will contribute to his success. His plans go smoothly although he meets minor opposition or behind the scenes resistance. However, the Snake’s year can be extremely secretive and unpredictable.

The Dragon should not take anything for granted or relax his guard in this karmic year. The Snake always settles accounts and never forgives a debt. The Dragon must keep his eyes open in order to avoid money traps or he will be seriously hurt. He should not hesitate to ask for professional advice from experts about money matters whenever needed during this year. He should not expect too much from gambling or investments because his luck won’t be good at all in this area. He will have to watch his safety when going fishing or swimming. This will be a romantic year for the Dragon, yet he should try to avoid overindulgence. He may encounter some personal or romantic problems because he neglects his home and love life.

The Snake

The Chinese 2025 horoscope shows that it’s the Snake’s year, of course! — although he may feel that his achievements are not up to his expectations. The 2025 Year of the Snake has been labeled “snake sleeping in winter.” This means a snake person should build up “sufficient resources to last out the winter in comfort.” While anything can be attempted and anything can be done, and without much risk too, he still would be wise to bide his time and not make sudden changes. This would be a good time to concentrate on new developments in business and investments.

Snakes will get satisfactory rewards at year end if they can keep on going without too many interruptions. Distraction and lack of discipline will be the two major setbacks this year. Patience and a cool head are essential if he is to keep himself out of trouble. However, his basic intensity is magnified and he finds it difficult to be casual about anything. Matters could be come complicated because of his inflexibility and a misunderstanding on the business front. Most important of all, Snakes should try to protect themselves from being attacked from behind by the hidden enemies around them.

There may be some exciting adventures in love, romantic problems or a slight injury caused by his own erratic behavior. Gains are modest from different sources, and so the Snake should be more concerned with securing his position or maintaining control of what he already has. Although the Snake will have nothing to worry about regarding his health he should take extreme care this year when it comes to road safety.

The Horse

The 2025 Chinese horoscope shows that this busy, involved year may bring taxing demands on the Horse’s time and energy, and he will have to struggle very hard if he wants to see any breakthroughs in his business and studies. Difficulties arise with partners or friends and delays are caused by unforeseen obstacles. His family will be supportive, but he will not be able to achieve very much in spite of his efforts. Above all, the Horse should not be stubborn or hasty in the Snake’s year. He must take things in stride and seek good advice before making important decisions.

The Horse will have enough energy and authority to suppress almost all of these problems if he refuses to give up. Putting more time and effort in his career and studies will not be good enough for the Horse; he should also try to cut out his bad habits at the same time. Although Horses will be in pretty good shape physically and mentally, they must not indulge too much in sex and alcohol. Everything could be abandoned for the sake of love. It would be a great mistake in this case, however, for the romances of the year of the Snake are short-lived. Horses will be busily engaged in different kinds of social activities, but they must mind their words and behavior carefully during these occasions. There are hidden dangers lurking this year and the Horse must tread carefully.

The Ram

The 2025 chinese astrology shows that there will be fun this year for the Ram, with plenty of interesting and amusing things to do . . . and plenty of scandal to gossip about! He will be able to regain power, position and popularity. The Snake’s rule could bring new and influential people to help him and he will travel or receive some additional income. However, bad tidings may delay his progress temporarily, although he will achieve his goals if he can remain patient and persistent. This is not a good time to start any important new projects, or he will end up with nothing after long struggling.

It is probably best to keep a low profile and never try to challenge one’s superiors, or he will become a sure loser eventually. The Ram’s money affairs will fluctuate from time to time throughout the year so he should keep alert to being financially astute and try to keep away from money traps. The Ram will be quite weak physically this year so must take good care of himself. Family life could suffer from the Ram’s many committments. Romantically, there could be complications due to the his jealous nature. The Ram would be advised to show his care and affection early in the year if he wishes to keep his lover.

The Monkey

The 2025 chinese forecast shows that although this will not be a very successful year for the Monkey, he will enjoy a pretty happy and smooth life with his friends, relatives and colleagues. The Year of the Snake 2025 could prove fortunate for the Monkey if he can avoid confrontation. This is not a time to prove his prowess or engage in any kind of brinksmanship. Such a useful creature will surely find a niche here! In fact, the opportunist Monkey once again makes itself indispensable. He will receive support from his family, superiors and also find romance provided he stays safely within his own boundaries.

The Monkey will have numerous difficulties at the beginning of the year, but he should never give up. The difficulties will be solved more easily and effectively with compromise rather than confrontation, and it would be much better if these personal disputes were settled as quickly as possible. They will have to watch out for their personal safety when they travel. It is quite possible for the Monkey to enjoy a sweet relationship with his lover this year, but he should make an effort to keep his promises and never cheat on them. Monkeys will have luck in lottery and gambling but they should try not to be too greedy.

The Snake reign does not favor too much adventure or speculation for the Monkey, and his happiness could be spoiled by disputes if he sticks his nose where it does not belong. But the practical and capable Monkey is quite likely to come to the obvious conclusion that if he cannot beat the opposition, he should join ’em. That may well be the best policy for this year.

The Rooster

The 2017 chinese prediction shows that the Snake ushers in a mostly fortunate and successful year for the Rooster. He will retain his favored position provided he has the support of influential friends. While he will experience no large monetary gains, he will be able to curtail his losses to an admirable degree. He will see satisfactory returns from investments but should try to keep this a secret. The Rooster’s success will depend on his absolute power to keep everything under control. He will be a big loser if he fails to demonstrate strong leadership to the people around him.

The Rooster should try to keep away from false friends or his career will be damanged seriously. He must be on his guard against unfair competition and vicious rumors in the secretive year of the Snake. Nor should he take long or unnecessary journeys. Should legal cases arise this year, the Rooster should try to settle them as soon as possible. He will be quite healthy this year, but must avoid over-eating and over-drinking.

The Rooster shows a great interest in what goes on — but maybe there will be a family problem to solve at home as well. In his home life or affairs of the heart, he must resist making promises that are difficult to keep, especially since his friends and loved ones will pressure him to do more than he is capable of. A new romance will appear in the Rooster’s life, but it will not be easy for him to hold on to this relationship.

The Dog

The chinese horoscope for year 2025 shows that the wise and powerful Snake brings a fortunate, productive and romantic year — the year of the thinker, the philosopher and the discoverer — and the Dog, naturally and happily, is among those doing the thinking, philosophizing and discovering. He will have to work hard and put more time and effort into his business but he will receive due recognition for his efforts. His positive and aggressive attitude will bring splendid achievements, and he will be able to win the whole-hearted support of subordinates and partners if he shows due care and consideration to them from time to time. Over-expansion and over-expenditure will be the two main threats to his success in business this year, and he should not let his greediness blind him or lead him to total destruction.

The Dog will be lucky in love and in his business investments, and will secure the support of the right people. He should take things easy and enjoy his personal life more. He will also benefit immensely from good advice or tips given him if he follows through with them decisively. Like the Snake, he must “wait long and strike fast” in order to take advantage of these rare windows of opportunity. He should deal calmly with setbacks and refuse to be drawn into controversy or lose sight of his goals. His health will quite unstable this year so he should watch his diet and personal hygiene closely in order to avoid infection. In addition to this, the Dog should try not to get too close to water.

The Boar

The Year of the Snake 2025 brings a hectic and uneasy time for the Boar, although he can expect moderate success. Since this will not be a very good year for him in either career or money matters, he must be very conservative in handling these things. He will be occupied with travel, aggressive speculation and joint ventures. Situations could become complicated and confusing if he is unable to discover his competitor’s hidden motives until the last moment when he cannot do much to influence the outcome. He must try to change his old attitudes and systems at work if he wants to survive. The Boar will see much better progress if he goes to work in foreign lands.

This is a year for him to look closely at everything and shy away from any proposal that looks too good to be true. It’s very important for Boars to keep away from anything illegal this year, or they will be in deep trouble and end up in jail. This would be a good year for them to try and save for the rainy days ahead. Lucky in business, unlucky in love . . . the Year of the Snake, unfortunately, brings with it a stack of romantic problems. He will be deeply disappointed if he is seeking new love this year. His family or loved ones will make such unreasonable demands on his time and energy that he feels cornered by his obligations. Setbacks could result mainly from overspending or extravagance. His health will not be so good, so it is necessary for the Boar to cut out his bad habits such as heavy smoking and drinking.

Year Of The Snake 2025 Predictions

The Snake’s Personality


January 29, 2025 is New Year’s Day, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar used by millions all over the world together with the Gregorian calendar. And according to the Chinese almanac, the year is a Year of the Wood Snake.

The snake is the sixth in a 12-lunar-year cycle of animal-year signs. The twelve animals, in order, are rat, buffalo, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Thus, the last year was Dragon and the next will be Horse.

Snakes and serpents are feared and abhorred in the West. Not so in the East. In India, the naga is a god. A Chinese legend says that it was the Lord Buddha who assigned the twelve animals to govern a year by turns. Another Chinese legend The Idyll of the White Snake, romanticizes this reptile as a celestial white-snake maiden who falls in love with a mortal. In Penang’s Cher Soo Keng Temple, snakes are given worshipful sanctuary in potted bushes on the altar. That the snake follows the most majestic of animals, the dragon, indicates the high regards Chinese have for it. It is commonplace in Japan for those smitten by the rare beauty of a lady to refer to her as a “real snake!” And don’t forget, snakes are a winter delicacy among the Chinese, who also drink a special snake wine.

In the traditional Chinese mind, which is echoed in the annually-reprinted ancient almanac, the snake symbolizes wisdom and objectifies heauty and serenity. Indeed, the happiest news a matchmaker could bring the parents of a prospective bridegroom is that the lady of their choice was born in the Year of the Snake, especially if their son is a Rabbit, a Dragon (by far the best match for a Snake), a Horse or a Rooster.

The parents would, however, think twice if their son is a Rat, another Snake, a Monkey, a Goat, an Ox or a Dog. People of these signs are not supposed to understand Snakes and the Snake lady, who loves to be admired, might fall prey to her greatest weakness, the urge to find a lover. If this were the case, the parents would look up the month, date and hour of birth of the two children and consult the almanac and the children’s horoscopes again for redeeming features in their characters. But if the prospective groom is a Tiger or a Pig, the negotiations would be called off. The Tiger is too temperamental and willful for the Snake; the Pig is too innocent to survive a Snake wife.

Snake people make perfect friends, companions and business partners with fellow Snakes as well as with Dragon, Rabbit, Ox, Rat, Rooster, Monkey, Horse and Dog people. Goats and Pig people need a bit of time to appreciate Snakes as friends but they do eventually. Tiger people and Snakes — mind you, this is all superstition — are simply an impossible combination.

Snake people are supposed to be extremely intelligent, philosophical, introspective and truly lovely. And the first thought that comes to mind about a Snake person someone will meet for the first time is “I most likely can trust him” or “She must be very beautiful.” A Snake can be counted on to carry through a project to the end. His decisions are quick and firm, but they are formed by first impressions, on sympathies and feeling logically assembled in his mind — rather than by sheer facts. He will fight and plod for anything he believes in and allow nothing to stand in his way (Tigers have the same tenacity, too.)

The almanac lists the occupations they should go into: headmaster, university professor, writer, philosopher, jurist, psychiatrist, politician, diplomat. Because Snake people are said also to possess a sixth sense, coupled with their inborn ability to concentrate, they make good clairvoyants, fortune-tellers and palmists.

Some important peole born in the Year of the Snake are Mao Tsetung, Charles Darwin, Pablo Picasso; Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms; Abraham Lincoln, Greta Garbo, Howard Hughes, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Princess Grace of Monaco, J. Paul Getty, Gamal Abdel Nasser, John F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi and Edgar Allan Poe.
In money matters, the Snake always has the best of luck. Money comes his way without much effort. Since years are supposed to take on the qualities of their signs as much as people do, then it means that January 24, 2001 to February 11, 2002 will be a financially auspicious period for the world.

As with real snakes, which hibernate in the cold months and come out when it’s warm, Snake people shine in the hot months. And the Snake born at midday, in the heat of a tropical summer, will be happier than one born in the middle of winter. The almanac warns Snakes born on a stormy day that they are supposed to face danger throughout their lives.

General Predictions For The Year Of The Snake 2025

The Year of the Snake 2025 is a year for taking stock. It would do well to remember that still waters run deep and that although the surface may appear calm, there may be dangerous undercurrents below. In general, it is a time in which trickery, fraud, underhanded deedds, political chicanery, both on a national and international level, may be expected. It is a year for the confidence trickster and the con man so caution should be the byword. For some it will be a year of sudden changes, of reversals and even disaster. The Arts, music, fashion, industry and business are all well-aspected now.

The chinese horoscope 2025 also states how people born under other signs will fare in the year of the Snake 2025.

The Rat and the Dog will be fine in general, but the Rat should take care when conducting business. The Rabbit must stay alert in money matters.

The Ox and the Tiger will feel restless and are advised, respectively, to check their tempers and to travel, above all, to avoid inactivity.

The Dragon will prosper.

Snakes, of course, during their own year, can attempt anything and gain everything. There will be adventures in love for them too.

Romances for the Horse in the Year of the Snake should not be taken too seriously.

Many exciting things are in store for the Ram and the Monkey.

The Rooster will be kept busy, both at work and in the home.

The Pig can look forward to a good year for business but a bad one for romance. It is common knowledge among the Chinese that a Snake Year is bad for marriages.

The almanac warns that anyone who gets infected with smallpox or boils during the Year of the Snake 2025 will — as if those afflictions are not bad enough — have his bad luck doubled.

See the 2025 chinese zodiac predictions for your animal sign.

Feng Shui 2025 Guidelines For The Year Of the Snake 2025

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