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Chinese Horoscope 2022 – Chinese New Year Of The Tiger 2022

Chinese Horoscope 2022 Predictions For All Zodiac Signs


I am a master of inconsistency
I raise doubt for all to question
I am eager to take the stage
And play the devil’s advocate
I back down from nothing
And scorn those who fear the unknown
I play to win and enjoy my victories openly
I revel in being supreme and untouchable
I invite all to join in my triumphs
But only to taste my victory, not devour it
I am powerful, unpredictable and protective.

Happy New Year!

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Chinese New Year 2022
Chinese Horoscope 2022 Predictions
Chinese Year of the Tiger 2022 Predictions
Feng Shui 2022

Welcome to the Chinese Horoscope 2022! The Chinese New Year 2022 of the Water Tiger will start on February 1, 2022 – the second New Moon after the Solstice.


Here is the first 2022 zodiac predictions for all animal signs: Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Tiger, Rat, Tiger, Tiger and Rabbit.

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Chinese Zodiac Tiger


Chinese New Year 2022

Chinese Horoscope 2022 Predictions: Is It a Good Year For You?

With Chinese New Year 2022 approaching it’s again time to know the Chinese Zodiac 2022 Predictions.

What does the Chinese Year of the Tiger mean for you in 2022? Please choose your zodiac sign and click to read the chinese horoscope 2022.

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2022 Chinese Horoscope – Brief excerpts:

The following are forecasts for the individual signs in the Year of the Tiger 2022:

The Rat

The Chinese horoscope 2022 shows that this is an insecure, moderate year, with many political and social changes taking place around you. Take it easy, relax, and keep your eyes open — you might learn something! Be conservative and take no risks. This is not a good time to make career or job changes. This year’s communications should include a few that bring you much joy. Rats may have to travel more than they would like but substantial monetary gains can be realized by taking a long journey between the auspicious period of August 7 through September 6. However, the period from September 7 through October 15 holds signs of financial mishap with a high likelihood of incurring unnecessary expenditures. It is necessary to budget wisely and keep expenses under control.

Health complaints for the Rat this year are insomnia and stress brought on by working too much. Those born in 1936 should stay away from places such as hospitals where communicable diseases can be found. Romance is abundant with a great opportunity for marriage. Married Rat relationships should be relatively harmonious through the year.

The Ox

The Chinese forecast 2022 shows that this year is a pressure-cooker. Take stock and make tough decisions based upon what you want to achieve. Results and rewards are not immediately evident, but don’t become discouraged. There will be opposition from many sources. Take no unnecessary risks or drastic measures; be extremely careful and act conservatively. You are prone to temper outbursts and tend to get angry over the most trivial matters. Especially in June, try not to get involved in matters that do not concern you to prevent trouble and losses.

The Tiger influence causes turbulence, unrest and insane activity. Money prospects fluctuate wildly; investments should only be made after careful deliberation. Avoid speculative enterprises. There is so much going on, so many choices, that your survival depends on your ability to take a back seat and wait out the craziness. You will gain credit at the workplace which eventually will lead to a promotion so it would be a good idea to take up career-enhancement classes or a self-improvement program.

Your health is robust although you may occasionally suffer from allergies or insomnia. The Ox born in 1949 or 1997 is quire accident-prone during the summer. To prevent accidents and injuries, stay away from demanding sports and avoid scaling heights. Where romance is concerned, a rewarding relationship will come the way of the single Ox. This is an excellent year for wooing couples to tie the knot. Those who are married should do something to prevent your partner from straying. Do not become discouraged as your legendary patience and innate tenacity will pay off in the end.

The Tiger Year of the Tiger

The Chinese zodiac 2022 shows that your year will be one of change — enjoy! In the next two years you must decide how to shape the next decade of your existence. There are strong indications of a role change in the Tiger’s current work or through a new position so don’t cling to the past. The first six months of 2022 are best for making a change in employment or branching out into self-employment. It’s important to move quickly and use your good luck wisely. Others will come to your aid.

Personal relationships will be erratic but you can expect gradual improvement over the course of the year. You will be extra charming during your reign so take advantage of it — seduce and fall in love at least once. Romance and new friendships are on the horizon but don’t take risks or make long-term commitments. Your health will be good but take care around sharp metal objects. Tiger children and teenagers should stay away from hazardous places to avoid harm.

You may find yourself spending beyond your means or unable to save money. Tigers born in 1962 and 1974 will find that profits come and go easily for those doing business. Beware of hidden enemies within your circle of friends or staff. To avoid volatile situations, try to be unassuming and soft-spoken at all times. Keep your legendary temper in check and resist the urge to argue over trivial matters. Married Tigers have a lot of arguments this year, so take care and control your temper if you don’t want the relationship to end.

The Rabbit

The Chinese astrology 2022 shows that the Tiger year holds different fortunes for males and females born in the year of the Rabbit. Males have advantageous luck while the females do not. Generally speaking, it is a good year for males to take an active position, for example going far away from your birth place to work or study. This will help accelerate your future career. For female Rabbits, playing safe in the Tiger year is the best stratagem because your money luck is weak and there is a sign of economic loss.

Stay away from financial speculation, avoid excessive spending and take care with contracts or promises. Career luck is inconsistent; barriers stand in the way. Complications arise in the things you do, or others may frustrate your efforts. Therefore, consider carefully before investing in anything. Profits come and go easily for those doing business, and gambling is ill-advised.

The Rabbit will generally have good health this year if he can avoid stress brought on by working too hard and guard against food-related illnesses. Where romance is concerned, it will be a year of highs for male Rabbits and lows for females. Female Rabbits who are married should spend more time with their spouses to prevent a third party interloper. Furthermore, an outside antagonistic love influence may show up in the summer for Rabbits born in 1963. Take a sentimental journey at the end of the year when hardships subside.

The Dragon

The 2022 Chinese horoscope shows that this is an activity-packed year for the Dragon, alternating between auspicious and inauspicious. Female Dragons are quite occupied both physically and intellectually. Regarding career, you should put in more time and hard work; obstacles in the beginning can be overcome and will ultimately benefit you. This would be a good year to start a new business or job, or to go on a voyage. However, in professional matters it is easy to become disorganized. You may be publicly recognized for a heroic act.

Don’t be arrogant and self-important, or drop names. This may be a worrying or taxing time as it is difficult to please everybody, but all should go well if you focus more awareness on personal relationships. In the summertime, tact and tolerance are needed to avoid complications with a co-worker or someone close to you. You may be forced to choose between opposing camps. Stay on course and things will work out; calm will return before the fall. Money luck is average to good but some unexpected expenditures cannot be avoided. Be on guard to prevent financial mishaps.

In health, common annoyances this year are sleeplessness, mental stress and poor digestion. Good eating habits are essential. Where romance is concerned, the Dragon’s connection with a loved one alternates between good and bad. The good news is that relationships accelerate more rapidly than expected, or even advance to marriage. The bad news is that disagreements with your love will occur repeatedly. This is particularly true with married Dragons born in 1964 and 1976. Be more communicative with your helpmate. He or she needs your care and appreciation during this tumultuous time. Your home life may be disturbed by forlorn news or the departure of a member.

The Snake

The 2022 Chinese zodiac shows that this is a year of small accidents and quirky twists of fate that try your patience and cause much stress. You must compromise your beloved inactivity and join the mad race. This is a good time to start any one of your plans to achieve comprehensive objectives and lay the groundwork for the future. The female Snake has better luck because she will see good money-making opportunities for the self-employed. If you are willing to commute a longer distance to your work a unique opportunity exists. Promotion or a pay raise are in the stars.

The male Snake does not have the same luck as the female in the Tiger year. Give full attention to whatever you are working on. Consider carefully before saying or doing anything that you know is not quite in accordance with rules and regulations. You may be easily drawn into conflicts and find it is difficult to please people at home or work. Keep your sense of humor and don’t engage in senseless acts of revenge. If you control your temper and soften your words, you should get all the cooperation you seek to avoid major upheavals.

The Snake will be relatively healthy in the Tiger year, excluding insomnia and ear or blood-related problems. Males may experience mood swings in affairs of the heart. For females, romantic encounters are bountiful, but cannot endure for long; though you have a pleasant disposition, circumstances are too quiet to expect feedback. Married couples can be very temperamental and lose control. Be more forthcoming with your partner to avoid misunderstandings. Perhaps this would be a good year to spend in meditation!

The Horse

The 2022 Chinese predictions shows that this should be an unstable yet moderately happy year with few health problems, lots of entertainment and additional expenses. You will meet new and fascinating people, and romance is on the horizon. This is your time to be successful, strong, independent, and in love! There may be upsets and upheaval but you should have no trouble adapting; expect to see some small advances in your personal and professional life.

A number of hardships and delays await you in spring. However, luck will improve in the second half of the year. Be patient and understanding, focus on your goals and don’t let people take advantage of you. You may have to put considerable effort into your career for small gains. Spend money to make money; this is a good year for you to invest in both yourself and capital. However, it is not a time for indulging in pipe dreams or gambling with risky investments.

There’s a good likelihood of side-income for the Horses born in 1954 or 1978. Young Horses and teenagers must stay away from fire and things like firecrackers or guns. Disputes and broken friendships may result from you losing your temper. Your lover may stray — keep your head or you’re sure to lose. Married Horses born in 1966 or 1978 are vulnerable to involvement in a desperate romance.

The Ram

Heavenly premonitions point toward prosperity and acclaim for the Ram in 2022. This is a good time to go abroad or make significant progress in building your lifetime foundation. There are new and advantageous contacts at work, and you should obtain twice the benefit of any effort exerted. However, freelancers will encounter serious challenges from the competition. Office workers could locate a new revenue stream and there are indications of rivalries with work mates. Under these circumstances it’s best to be unassuming and respectful while trying to maintain an amicable relationship with those around you. If you’re ready to compete you will gain recognition in the form of fame, knowledge or happiness. Large monetary gains and small losses are indicated.

Career and money luck are at their best in the spring and early summer. Your family life will be calm, but you may experience trouble with relatives. Try to stay out of harm’s way and don’t push your luck — patience! Your health is good this year but protect yourself against allergies and the flu. This is a great year for romance for the single Ram with a good possibility of marriage. Married Rams are susceptible to indulging in a volatile fling.

The Monkey

The Chinese 2022 horoscope shows that this can be a very happy, pivotal year for the Monkey, but you may be lazy, caught off-guard or susceptible to frequent aggression from the outside. Professionally there is a propensity for both achievement and misadventure. Take notice of favorable circumstances that others are likely to pass by. Look out for the reappearance of former foes and allies who will lend you power. Be conservative, pay attention and keep your cool no matter what happens. It is important to budget wisely as money will dwindle due to several large purchases; avoid gambling. Special care must be taken when signing contracts — read all the provisions and riders to ensure you’re familiar with potential obligations.

Health is moderate this year, with complaints mostly due to melancholy and over-stimulation. Chest and lungs may cause some concern. Those born in 1944 may have to undergo surgery. Affairs of the heart could be turbulent, since the Monkey will be quite emotional and inclined to argue over trivial matters. This may lead to separation. To avoid this temper your words, be tolerant and do not quibble or criticize. Consolidate your resources; use perseverance and understanding.

The Rooster

The Chinese 2022 zodiac shows that this eventful, exciting and highly rewarding year may drive you crazy! There is no rest. Career and financial prospects are in your favor. If you are thinking of changing jobs or becoming self-employed, this is the time to do it. Although there is an abundance of opportunities for expansion and new projects, stiff competition lies ahead so don’t be overoptimistic.

Take precaution against financial losses as career and money luck alternate between good and bad during the spring and summer. Sharpen your wits, remain adaptable and accessible, and keep up or risk failure. Constipation, digestive upsets and sleeplessness are probable afflictions this year from all the stress, so plenty of rest is advised. This is an auspicious time for the single Rooster to get married or for female Roosters to get pregnant. Married Roosters should not transgress or they will find their paramours difficult to get rid of, bringing them great distress, embarrassment and misery.

The Dog

The Chinese 2022 astrology shows that this is a demanding year where luck is temperamental and there is misfortune hidden in the good. There are signs of antagonism in the workplace and a great deal of bewilderment in handling things. Abrupt about-faces can throw you for a loop so this is not a good time to change or expand employment; in this case the grass will not be greener on the other side of the fence and you may regret having made the move. Tread cautiously around financial matters, don’t take things at face value and exercise restraint in your spending.

Your love life improves, but don’t believe all the sweet sentiments that you hear. This should be a moderately happy year for Dog actors, writers and those in the entertainment field in which they will meet new friends, rediscover old contacts, and find new loves. Students should do well academically. Travelling out of the country is favored after the summer. Professionals also may find investment opportunities abroad. Look out for the children and seniors in your circle as there are indications of illness or accident.

Other than an occasional bout of depression and feelings of loneliness, the Dog’s health should be good this year. Friends and family will make many demands; don’t let them take advantage of you. Your love life will have its rough moments due to frequent arguments, and even more so if you’re married.

The Boar

The Chinese 2022 predictions shows that since unknown menace and uncertainty lie in wait for the Boar in the Tiger year, circumstances can go quite astray. Do not be thoughtless when dealing with people or signing contracts as legal proceedings are foreshadowed. Abandon any thoughts of avarice or unscrupulousness to avoid financial calamity. Stand back, wait and assess the situation carefully before taking action.

Be cautious and conservative; there will be much change. Eschew gambling, alcohol and other vices. Be vigilant in whatever you do particularly during the summer and do not leave anything to chance. This is a difficult time to borrow money or have it repaid. Many unexpected expenses, fines, legal fees, or extra taxes could materialize. Be careful about trusting associates; attend to important matters yourself. Even so, you can make 2022 a fruitful year if you persevere in taking the initiative, are resolute, and put twice the effort into all you do. Pigs born in 1983 will find a large bounty come their way from out of the blue. Pack your suitcases! Reform everything but don’t get your expectations up or you’ll be disappointed if things don’t pan out.

Health-wise, Boars are constantly plagued with minor complaints and accidents may occur to their extremities. Those born in 1947 and 1959 should avoid hospitals and visiting the sick. Romance is disappointing and an honest, heartfelt relationship is difficult to find. Married couples are easily provoked and will squabble repeatedly.

Year Of The Tiger 2022 Predictions

The Tiger’s Personality

February 1, 2022 is New Year’s Day, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar used by millions all over the world together with the Gregorian calendar. And according to the Chinese almanac, the year is a Year of the Water Tiger.

The Tiger is the third in a 12-lunar-year cycle of animal-year signs. The twelve animals, in order, are rat, buffalo, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Thus, the last year was Ox and the next will be Rabbit.

The Tiger is one of the symbolical animals corresponding to or having affinity with the third of the Twelve Terrestrial Branches, called the Yin (Yin) Branch, and symbolizes a vigilant new sprout that has just broken free from the earth. It represents February, the first lunar month. Aquarius is Tiger’s Western counterpart.

Tigers were very common in ancient times. The largest variety can attain a length of twelve feet. The Chinese believe that the Tiger brings good fortune; after all, the Chinese god of wealth, Hsai Shen, rides a tiger and is sometimes even represented as one. For this reason conventional wisdom is that the Tiger need never worry about money — just when he fears the it’s all gone, more will magically appear in its place. This quality makes him an object of worship with gamblers who believe that he was “born lucky.”

The Tiger is a powerful animal ally to contact in the shamanic realm to assist in exorcisms and purifications since it is renowned for frightening away thieves, ghosts, and fires. It is an object of special terror to demons and therefore is painted on walls to scare away the evil spirits from homes and temples. The shoes of small children are often embroidered with tiger’s heads for the same reason. It is seen as the model for the courage and fierceness which should characterize a soldier.

In ancient times, Chinese soldiers on occasion dressed in imitation tiger skins, pressing into battle and screeching loudly as if they were the actual roars of a tiger, striking fear into the hearts of their enemies. It is the king of the wild beasts and the lord of all land animals, just as the dragon is chief of all aquatic creatures. These two share the position of prime importance in Feng Shui and are considered the two great forces of the universe. Four powerful Tigers guard the four directions. Representing winter, the black water Tiger protects the North. East is defended by the green wood Tiger, representing spring. South is guarded by the red fire Tiger, representing summer. The white metal Tiger safeguards the West, representing autumn. The center is guarded by the yellow earth Tiger who represents the sun.

The Chinese believe that when a tiger injures a man in such a way as to cause his death, the man’s soul becomes the tiger’s slave, a devil called a ch’ang. In this form he entreats the beast to devour others so that he may return to the world, having obtained a substitute life in exchange for his own. (This same principal can be seen in the superstitious objection to saving a drowning man lest one be dragged down to a watery death as a substitute.) Healing qualities are attributed to the fat, skin, liver, blood, and other parts of a tiger in many diseases; the whiskers are said to be good for toothache. The claws are believed to be a powerful talisman, and ashes prepared from tiger skin worn about the person are imagined to act as a fetish against sickness.

In the traditional Chinese mind, which is echoed in the annually-reprinted ancient almanac, the Tiger is the sign of passion, bravery and integrity. Here is one who is truly born to lead. With a magnetic personality, great strength and natural ability, the Tiger impresses and mesmerizes those around him. He’s practically irresistible!

The main virtues in the Tiger character are his compassionate, noble philanthropy, unquenchable idealism and fearlessness. Inherently lucky despite his lack of planning, the Tiger depends on his abundant charm and enthusiastic personality to advance his enterprises and ideas. He’s dramatic and intense, an adventurous non-conformist with a great sense of humor and an edgy approach to life.

His warm-hearted, generous and optimistic spirit wins him many supporters and admirers. He’s a quick learner, often self-taught and a self-starter, honest, direct, intense and a born leader. The Tiger enjoys adversity. The more difficult the task, the more of a magnet it is to him, and the more sweet it is to prevail against it and to throw a spotlight on his subsequent success. If circumstances conspire to block his leadership role, he will prefer being a loner because he insists on doing things his own way.

Willing to make whatever sacrifices are necessary for the benefit of all, the Tiger exhibits an innovative, competitive and industrious approach to his work, and as long as his interest is sustained he is totally committed to the project. One can count on the Tiger to be there when one needs him, but at other times not so much. He has a wandering eye and likes to be where he thinks the action is.

Impetuosity and imperiousness are perhaps the most negative of the Tiger qualities. When things are going his way he can be arrogant, temperamental and inconsiderate. When in a pessimistic mood he responds to even the slightest criticism with vehement animosity. Unless reassured every step of the way, he can react to the most innocuous circumstances with unnecessary suspicion and irrationality. Argumentative, headstrong and belligerent when angered, he can be an unpredictable and adamant adversary who will go to any lengths to get revenge. If he or one of his loved ones are threatened, he will ruthlessly remove the danger. It is no good to pressure or punish him as this only ignites the defiant and antagonistic side of his rebellious personality. In cases such as these it is best to not take the outbursts too seriously, stand one’s ground and serenely refocus attention on the main issues face-to-face.

He is easily distracted, emotional and sensitive, and privately wishes to be placated. He would do well to not be so unbending and self-centered, and allowed his loved ones some autonomy while he handles his own internal issues.

Generally Tigers enjoy exuberant good health although they need to maintain a better balance in their life between extremes of activity and inertia. Overall their existence is mercurial and hyper-stimulated. The first stage of the Tiger’s life most likely will be the prime period, a time when he should learn to control his volatile spirit. The pursuit of prosperity and the realization of his dreams will be all-encompassing in youth. Serious dental problems may manifest as he ages.

Because Tigers often act in haste with little aforethought, accidents are common and many Tigers die young. If he makes it to middle age, moderation will be the key to happiness. Old age is less satisfactory, although he may find some peace if he can learn to cede control to others and ease off a bit. Knowing of his stereotypical rashness and indecision, however, it is more likely that his twilight years will be haunted by distressing remorse over his past actions or lack thereof.

It’s important for the Tiger to get out to the country from time to time to heal his soul in the beauty of nature. It’s also necessary that he see a doctor regularly and overcome his annoying tendency to ignore his physician’s advice. Daily athletics or sports are de rigueur for this highly-strung energetic individual. Yoga and meditation are especially efficacious at restoring his spiritual balance.

The popular belief in Asian cultures is that Tiger sons are highly desirable due to their Yang qualities of fortitude, bravery and audacity. Tiger daughters are to be feared and avoided — even reviled — because of their willfulness and reluctance to submit to the Confucian ideal of womanhood which requires obedience at all times to patriarchal figures within the family.

The almanac lists the occupations for the Tiger — foreman, head parachutist, rebel leader, head of department, Head of State, matador, lion tamer, stockbroker, entrepreneur, military officer, trade union leader, firm or theatre director, chief driver in a racing team, chief explorer, revolutionary chief . . . anything that begins with “chief!” Tigers make excellent actors and stunt men. They love track sports and any contests involving speed such as horse racing or motor racing. With their charm and enthusiasm, they are particularly suited to sales positions. They also have talent as musicians, teachers, writers and poets.

Many man and women of exceptional character have been ruled by this sign. Some important people born in the Year of the Tiger are Lola Montez, Isadora Duncan, Emily Brontë, Roger Corman, Marilyn Monroe, Arthur Rimbaud, John Schlesinger, Maximilien Robespierre, Gypsy Rose Lee, Diana Rigg, Maurice Schumann, St. Francis Xavier, Mohammed, Ho Chi Minh, Louis XIV, Karl Marx, Dorothy Lamour, Oliver Reed, Sybil Shepherd, Simon Bolivar, Charles De Gaulle, Ludwig van Beethoven, Marco Polo, Tiberius Caesar, Jean Seberg, Charles Lindbergh, Sir Alec Guinness, Horatio Nelson, Ambrose Bierce, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, William Cullen Bryant, Allen Ginsberg, Hugh Hefner, Mary Queen of Scots, Rudolf Nureyev, Grocho Marx, Princess Anne, Twiggy, Queen Elizabeth II, Stevie Wonder, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jon Stewart and Presidents James Monroe, Martin Van Buren, Chester A. Arthur and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The Tiger feels a real affinity with Boar and Dog natives. He would make a great match with the Horse too. The Rooster, Sheep and Rat are also in harmony with him, as well as a fellow Tiger. However, the Ox and the Snake would be unwise partners for him. He could lose all. The worst choice of all would be the exasperating Monkey, who really will put him through the wringer with his duplicity and machinations.

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General Predictions For The Year Of The Tiger 2022

The Year of the Tiger 2022 is a time to undertake important things. It will not be an entirely peaceful year, to say the least. (Consider that World War I began in the Year of the Tiger.) Expect changes in life and be careful. There will be major realignments politically — coups, revolution, prospects of war and catastrophe. It is a time of audacity in which nothing is done unobtrusively or on a small scale. Action and change are favored in the turbulent and mercurial Year of the Tiger.

The Year of the Tiger is an auspicious year for Tigers, Dragons, Horses, Monkeys, and Dogs. It is a difficult year for Oxen and Roosters. Those born in the Year of the Boar should beware of their finances. Snakes and Rams should beware of relationships. Rats and Rabbits would do well to stay in the background.


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Feng Shui 2022 Guidelines For The Year Of the Tiger 2022

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