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Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac ARTIST: Lin Jing

If you were born between the Start and Finish dates listed below, you are a Dragon person. The spirit of the Dragon lives in your heart. Depending on your year of birth, you will also have one of the five elements associated with your animal sign. Elements occur for two lunar years. The first year is Yang (+), the second is Yin (-).

There are many differences between the different element types of Dragon.

Below is a broad description of the Dragon personality.

The Dragon is the fifth sign of the Chinese horoscope. The Dragon is Yang and is fixed to the Wood element. The characteristics of the Dragon correspond to the occidental sign of Aires. Yang is positive, masculine, and associated with the Day. Objective Yang signs depend more on others than themselves. You tend to be outgoing and more physical than spiritual. As all opposites attract in nature, Yang attracts Yin. The Wood association bestows a moralistic and ethical outlook to life. Wood people are self-confident and have better than average executive and persuasive abilities.

Those born in the year of the Dragon are regarded as the most powerful and energetic of people. Mostly driven by the emotions, Dragon people don’t think that they are right, they know they are. You live up to your ideals and demand similar high standards from others. Diplomacy and tactfulness are not part of your nature. You tend to achieve your goals through direct attack. A Dragon prefers to batter down the door than knock on it. You will be victorious in most of your battles. Only the brave, the foolish, or other Dragons, will choose to take you on.

Being combatative by nature, and having little regard for the feelings and opinions of others, you are not over-endowed with sentimentality or romantic thoughts. You expect people to love and admire you. Dragons are very forgiving and can always be relied upon in a crisis. The downfall of many Dragons is over-confidence and a lack of appreciation of the situation. Dragons are easy victims of those who sob and cry when hurt.

A Dragon without a cause is not pleasant company, and they may behave in a sullen and resentful way. The parents of Dragon children will do well to let the children stress themselves physically and intellectually. Dragons need to be gently guided in the correct direction, never pushed. Dragons just can’t be pushed.

Generally successful in life, you have innate self-esteem and are practical and functional – especially Dragon women. You may find the most rewarding and exciting emotional partnerships with those born in the year of the Monkey. Crafty Rats can also be a lot of fun. Snakes make excellent business partners. Relationships with the Ox and the Dog can be difficult.

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