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Monkey Chinese Zodiac

Monkey Chinese Zodiac – ARTIST: Ma Rong Lai

If you were born between the Start and Finish dates listed below, you are a Monkey person. The spirit of the Monkey lives in your heart. Depending on your year of birth, you will also have one of the five elements associated with your animal sign. Elements occur for two lunar years. The first year is Yang (+), the second is Yin (-).

There are many differences between the different element types of Monkey.

Below is a broad description of the Monkey personality.

The Monkey is the ninth sign of the Chinese horoscope. The Monkey is Yin and is fixed to the Metal element. The characteristics of the Monkey correspond to the occidental sign of Leo. Yin is negative, feminine, and associated with the Night. Subjective Yin signs trust their feelings about themselves and others. You tend to be more concerned with the spiritual than the physical. As all opposites attract in nature, Yin attracts Yang. The Metal element association bestows an ambitious and hard working nature. Metal people tend to be self-reliant and rigid in their outlook and find it difficult to compromise. Metal people are often more materialistic than others.

Cleverness and versatility should figure prominently in one born in the year of the Monkey. You will generally have an excellent intellect in combination with much charm and guile. Monkey people know how to use their talents to take maximum advantage of a situation, and are more successful than others. Delighting in a challenge, and in being the center of attention, you may tend to feel superior and to be over-confident, which is your greatest weakness.

Monkeys are inscrutable, though they may be experiencing strong emotions, you will never see it in their eyes, or by their actions. You hide your feelings well. Very competitive by nature, Monkeys hate to lose. Jealousy and suspicion can be found in great measure beneath the surface. Monkeys keep their own counsel, and may only confide in their closest friends.

Monkey people are among the most sociable of all, delighting in the company of others, and being liked and admired by many. In the work setting they make good employers and valued employees. Set a task for a Monkey and you can be sure it will be done, and done well. Undeterred by failure, and learning from mistakes, you will invariably attain your goals.

As you generally get what you want without having to fight too hard, it may not be unusual for you to lose interest in your conquests and accomplishments after a short time. A great life-lesson for Monkey is to learn to value that which has been achieved.

Rats and Dragons are good partners for you. Relationships with Tigers and Snakes can be difficult. The partner of a Monkey should be prepared to offer a lot of latitude. Monkeys, both male and female, are famous carousers and general over-indulgers. You are mostly a faithful and loving partner. Monkeys are very good parents.

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