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What Does Chiron Mean in Astrology

“There is a Native American prophecy which states that when the planet of healing is discovered in the sky, this is when the sacred warrior teachings will return to the earth” Larry Williamson

Chiron was discovered in 1977 by Charles Kowal. It is a large comet, which orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Astrologically it symbolizes the “Wounded Healer.”

Myth of Chiron

In mythology, Chiron (ky-ron) was a centaur, half-man and half-horse. His father was Saturn and his mother Philyra. She rejected him because of his appearance and begged the gods to take him away. They did and instructed Chiron in the healing arts. He became a great healer, astrologer, and oracle. He used crystals in healing and was thought to be the teacher of heroes, helping them discover their destiny. Chiron’s pupils came to him to learn the pragmatic ways to fulfill their soul’s purpose (a very Sagittarian mission). He became a martyr and the wounded healer by poisoning himself using an arrow from the quill of Hercules. He was the last of the Centaurs. He sacrificed himself so that Prometheus could be released from the underground. Also see: Mythology of Chiron

Archetypal Meaning of Chiron

Chiron’s wound caused him to spend the rest of his life trying to find a cure. Hence, the archetypal meaning of Chiron pertains to “the wounded healer.” He was immortal, so he could not be released from his pain. He could not cure himself, but in his travels he passed on all of his knowledge of the healing arts to many others. He lent his name to Chirurgery (a Greek word) that became the word Surgery and to Chiropractics, the healing of the joints and bones by manipulation and more.

Astrological Symbology of Chiron

Chiron is the eleventh planet of Astrological significance. Currently Chiron is in the sign of Pisces until April 2018 when it moves into Aries. It has a 51 year orbit. Chiron represents the bridge between the animal and the spiritual; and the inner marriage of masculine/feminine. Chiron’s location between Saturn and Uranus highlights the connection between the old and the new, the past and the future, the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius.

Chiron in a birth chart symbolizes by house and sign where we have been wounded. It covers all types of pain and suffering, i.e. rejection, abandonment, deprivation, abuse, loss, and even death. The wound is karmic, but it also manifests in our current lives as a reminder of what has occurred previously. That wound continues throughout our lives until we finally seek awareness and relief, which begins the healing process.

The opportunities to journey deeply within our selves are inspired by Chiron. As we replay old wounds from the past we can become more attuned to our healing. Symbolically, Chiron is the journey from the wounded one to the teacher and mentor. We have the spiritual power to exercise awareness of our pain, rather than to escape our pain. Therefore, is it not our conscious position to be in the now so that we may heal the past?

The position of Chiron by sign, house and aspects will reveal the nature of the wound and points to powerful ways of healing it.

For instance, if we have an aspect between Chiron and Saturn, we might have experienced a deep wound from our fathers. Chiron and the Moon might reveal the same type of pain with our mothers.

Through astrological transits we encounter experiences that bring to consciousness these old wounds so that they can be released. That release is often fulfilled by sharing our pain with others. Many groups come together for that purpose, which is why they work so well. Alcoholic Anonymous knows that only another alcoholic can truly understand and share the pain of alcoholism. That is how the group supports each other and how Chiron works. Seeking to help others through our own intense pain is very therapeutic to us and to them. Through Chiron we can find this vehicle to face our pain and fear and then share it.

Astrologers Joyce Mason and Zane Stein believe that Chiron is not ruled by any sign, but begins in the sign of Virgo and ends in Sagittarius. In this process Virgo helps us become aware of our wound and begin the healing process. In Libra we seek the balance and healing, seeking out others. Scorpio creates an opportunity for us to go through the cleansing fire of transformation. Sagittarius completes the Chiron journey by helping us become a more philosophical teacher. In essence it is the journey from the “Wounded Healer” to the “Sacred Teacher.”

The first step is to find where your Chiron is located by sign and house. The second step is to understand its aspects to other planets in your chart. I would then suggest that you reflect on the following questions in order to help you process Chiron:

  • How does the memory of my Chiron pain show up in my current life?
  • How can I begin to heal these deep wounds?
  • What personal pain do I need to share to help others and myself?
  • How do I transform my Wounded Healer to the Sacred Teacher?

Journey through Chiron and Transcend your pain:

  • How were you wounded in a past life? Make a list or write a letter.
  • Explain 2 fears you experience in this current life? Note your gut reactions.
  • How can you develop courage to face these fears? Open your heart chakra.
  • With compassion and love, how can you let go of these wounds? Heal thyself.
  • To whom may you teach the lessons you have learned in healing? Mentor.

Exploring Chiron is an enlightening journey towards inner peace. With compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love for our selves we are connected to God. Let the healing begin!

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