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Chiron Return – Rebirth at 50

Your 50th Birthday is a Time for Great Celebration

Chiron, the powerful comet of healing has an orbit of 50 years. the year in which it returns to the place in your natal chart that it was when you were born is known as your Chiron Return. This signifies the return of the hero’s journey. You have worked diligently to learn and grow and master life during the last 50 years. Now is a time to rejoice and enjoy he fruits of your labor. Think back over your life and realize just how much you have learned. Acknowledge yourself for the mastery you have attained according to your own unique life and experiences.

The age of 50 is a very pivotal time. The advertising media fixates on youth and beauty. At 50 it is important for us to realize the beauty in the experience we have gathered over a lifetime of learning. There are some people who begin to give up. The aches and pains which begin to occur as we grow older can feel as though they have become a part of life. Interestingly, it has been since the discovery of Chiron in 1977 that an extraordinary amount of information has surfaced about holistic health care and maintenance. And the internet provides us with the ability to learn about endless ways in which we can take care of ourselves.

We can make the choice to learn how to take care of ourselves. Some people succumb to fear and the aging process. As they succumb to the aging process, the aging process takes over and escalates the aches and pains grow more severe. Fear is the antithesis of a healthy life. Fear is the antithesis of love. Does fear control your life?

Ah, but for all of you who to choose to embrace life, life begin anew. The wisdom, knowledge, skills and maturity you have gathered during your first 50 years can be devoted to new projects and adventures. You begin to enjoy a new sense of freedom because many of your responsibilities are reduced and lessons learned during your first 50 years provide you with new found confidence.

There will be times during the year of the Chiron Return that the energy becomes very intense. The intensity is meant to create a shift within you. If you allow it, something powerful happens inside you which is the catalyst for your new life. (Using an abundance of drugs and/or alcohol will sabotage your new life.)

The energy of the Chiron is deep; there are many dimensions to his teachings. The Chiron return brings with it the opportunity to heal old wounds. It is a time to release old energy and be reborn to a new life.

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