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chiron in pisces

Chiron In Pisces (2011-2018)

Bridge Builder
Transformer of Consciousness
Wounded Healer
Creator Weaver of Worlds

Chiron symbolIt is no accident that the glyph symbolising Chiron resembles a key-the key to the unconscious. Chiron operates behind the scenes influencing us individually and generationally at a very deep level.

Chiron was the first Centaur planet to be discovered back in 1977 and has an eliptical orbit between Saturn and Neptune, sometimes acting as an Inner planet or an Outer planet. Chiron, named after the ancient Greek healer, is now recognised as a bridge between soma and psyche, body and mind. Also refered to as “the Wounded Healer” or “The Outsider”. Its place in an individual’s birth chart indicates an eternal wound, an Achilles heel. Following the first Chiron return at age 51 when it has gone once round the chart and conjuncted all the natal planets, there are opportunities to integrate the wound more fully into the personality and the life, moving it from the shadow into the light of the conscious mind.

People with a prominent Chiron natally (with many aspects or aspecting the Sun,Moon or Ascendant) tend to experience pain, harshness, trauma or rejection in the earlier part of their lives and, if this is consciously transmuted, can become empathetic healers of others. Either literally as the embodiment of doctors, nurses, psychotherapists or alternative therapists or simply by the power of their presence to comfort and soothe.

The key to working through life’s inevitable periods of transformation is to understand that Chironic pain is not an obstacle but the exact medicine we need for permanent healing.

deep waters
the end of all matters


  • the psychic innernet
  • without boundaries
  • sef-destructive
  • intuitive
  • disillusion
  • victim / saviour complex
  • empathy
  • telepathy


Our use of the internet and social networking, developed exponentially while Chiron was in collective sign of Aquarius, will morph into a “psychic innernet”. We used to have to accept time and distance between us and friends and family; now we don’t. This need for closeness, for intricate webs of contact and leaderless groups will grow as we feel the wind of the Uranus/Pluto changes blowing through our lives. Since Pisces, like Aquarius, is all about human consciousness, this will be a generational shift. Chiron is at its perihelion in Pisces (furthest away from the Sun) so acts as an Outer planet until 2018. Our attention will be called to the necessity of seeing ourselves as part of something greater than ourselves.

Denial is going to be a way to refuse the wake up call; the shadow side of Pisces (notably present in addictions). Chiron wil pull back the veil and reveal the truth of issues we don’t want to look at such as the destruction of the environment, our unwitting addiction to television, Facebook, computer games which blunt us to reality.

World media and the internet will morph into new forms. Expect the media (tv, adverts and print papers ) to use even more subliminal and hypnotic background methods to influence the collective (all of us). The world wide web will make unexpected advances whilst attracting increasing government surveillance.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune so it is worth noticing that Chiron and Neptune have been in a conjunction (joined together) since early 2009 and will continue moving together in Pisces for the next few years. When Neptune itself moves into its own sign in 2011, the “urge to merge” may become overwhelming.

The last time Chiron was in Pisces was in the 60s – remember the human potential movement and the emphasis on peace and love? Back then the desire for a better way was present but the collective Will was too weak to make radical political changes. This time, the Cardinal T-square will jumpstart progress.

Read Melanie Reinhart’s new revised edition of “Chiron-the Healing Journey” for a detailed look at Chiron.

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