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Suggestions in Choosing a Wedding Date With Astrology

Here are some suggestions in picking a wedding date:

– Rule out Mercury retrograde dates.

– Rule out Venus retrograde dates.

– Rule out void-of-course Moon periods.

– Run the progressions, solar arc directions and solar returns for both you as well as lunar returns for the months which are possible. In a marriage year, there are strong progressed and directed aspects to or from Venus and/or your seventh house rulers as well as strong seventh house indications in your solar returns. Note the “best” (i.e. the most harmonious) of these. They are the ones you will want to highlight with transits when you actually pick the dates.

– Run the composite charts. Do solar and lunar returns for the composite charts.

– Check the synastry between your charts and note the interaspects which are most loving and favorable – and which are the least.

– Then check out the dates you are considering. A particular time period should be starting to emerge which incorporate the best of the above. Then run charts for the dates which look most likely. If a particular date (or dates) look promising, run them for different times of the day. Saturn has to be somewhere – but not in the fifth or seventh houses, etc. The wedding chart should be able to stand on its own as a good chart not only in comparison to the natal and composite charts. The Sun and Moon should be harmonious. Venus and Jupiter should be well placed. Make Saturn work for you and promote commitment and longevity by aspecting it harmoniously. Neither the first three degrees nor the last three degrees of a sign should be rising. (This last is a horary rule.)

Good luck!

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