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Astrological Guide to Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift

It seems the point of Christmas Day should be to give or receive a thoughtful gift that symbolizes a meaningful relationship. Instead, we all get sucked into a vortex of frenzied consumption that creates a tremendous amount of stress. Rather than battling the hordes at the mall, consider alternatives when choosing your gifts.

Here are some guidelines to help you pick out the perfect Christmas gift for every Sign of the Zodiac.

Aries – Since they respond best to things that are their idea in the first place, ask them in advance what they want. They love surprises, though, so go ahead and make a pretense of hiding it! They love anything that makes them go faster, such as a mountain bike, skis, or caffeine laden gourmet coffee. Headgear, such as a fashionable hat or a bright red crash helmet suits them.

Taurus – They thrive on sensual experiences. A box of rich chocolates, a gourmet food-of-the-month program, massage, fragrant bath oils, scented candles and perfumes appeal to their sensuality. As an earth sign, they appreciate flowers, potted plants and gardening tools. They are a finance-oriented sign, so if you want to make a big impression, invest some money for them!

Gemini – Feed their voracious intellectual appetite with books, magazine subscription and tickets to lectures and poetry readings. They like variety, so give them lots of small gifts rather than one large one. Have you noticed that your Gemini friends like to talk a lot? Channel their verbal energy with a personal diary, stationery set with a beautiful writing pen or accessories for the cell phone glued to their ear.

Cancer – This great nurturer of the zodiac appreciates anything that makes the home more comfortable and helps them take care of others. You can’t go wrong with kitchen gadgets, cookbooks and needlework kits. They love things that have history or sentimentality attached to them, such as antiques, a family portrait or anything that belonged to someone’s grandmother.

Leo – As the sign most likely to appreciate an extravagance, you probably can’t overdo it when choosing a gift. Jewelry with precious stones, expensive designer clothing, the best bottle of champagne, tickets to the hottest event in town, reservations at the trendiest restaurant will please them no end. They also appreciate gifts that support their creative urges, such as art supplies, a musical instrument, a home karaoke set or biographies of great artists.

Virgo – As the most practical and frugal sign, they like things that are useful, but too expensive for their budget. For instance, they are usually health conscious, so you could get them an expensive vegetarian cookbook, a complete set of Bach Flower Remedies or a gift certificate for a weekend at a New Age Healing Center. Buy a toy for their pet and they will love you forever. Ritual accouterments, such as incense, oils and candles appeal to their spirituality.

Libra – As an artistic sign, who loves beauty and harmony, you can’t go wrong with a painting, print or CD of romantic music. Things to decorate and beautify the person and the environment, such as jewelry, scarves, vases and other knick-knacks, and flowers are a big hit. Because they are very relationship-oriented, this is a good time to give engagement or commitment rings or anything else that symbolizes the importance of your relationship.

Scorpio – Scorpios can be hard to buy for because they are secretive by nature. Gift certificates are the way to go. That way they can pick out what they want and you won’t get blamed for any bad ideas. Try giving them a gift certificate from a bookstore that carries mysteries, spy novels and vampire stories. Because they constantly work to improve themselves, things that help them reach a goal, such as exercise equipment, psychological self-help books and motivational videos, suit them.

Sagittarius – They are always on an adventure either mentally or physically. You can appeal to the intellectual side by giving them books about philosophy and religion, or enrolling them in a course taught by their favorite guru. Or you can appeal to the worldly adventurer with camping equipment, hiking gear, maps or language instruction tapes.

Capricorn – They are practical, career-oriented people, so give them something they can use for work, such as a calfskin briefcase, accessories for their laptop, an appointment book with their initials stamped in gold. Anything that makes them feel important, such as an executive chair, appeals to them. If you go with clothes or jewelry, get them things that are simple, elegant and well made.

Aquarius – As the sign most likely to be appalled at the commercialization of the holidays, they will tell you to make a donation to their favorite social or political cause, rather than give them a gift. Just keep in mind that behind the moral outrage; Aquarians are thrilled if you give them a gift in addition to the donation. They like electronic gadgets that help them stay in touch with the world, such as email and internet upgrades or even something simple like a prepaid phone card.

Pisces – Sensitive Pisces appreciate gifts that help them create a mellow environment. Indoor fountains, soothing New Age music, soft velour pillows in iridescent colors work for them. Give them loose, drapy clothing made from silky, gossamer fabrics. Set them up for a week at a spiritual retreat center. Buy them the boxed set of videos made by the movie star they have the biggest crush on.

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