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College Majors for an Aries

The Best College Majors For an Aries

Good college major choices for an Aries. Ideal university majors for people born under the sign Aries.

Those born under Aries sign may not think twice before they choose their major. Nor before they turn in that paper or essay, or raise their hand to answer those questions.

You may spot an Aries running around in the hallway or sitting very comfortably in lecture halls. They confidently answer, or make up answers to all the questions they are asked by professors. Their answers may not always be right, but they are always witty and humorous.

When turning in papers or essays, Aries may avoid taking time to proofread their answers. This contrasts with their confidence regarding class participation, often leaving professors confused.

Fortunately, there are many majors that don’t put that much importance on proofreading papers or essays but that put more emphasis on the quality of answers and reasoning. Fortunately those born under the sign Aries, examinations answers and term papers always leave professors distinguishing them from others, as their answers are often thought-provoking.

The best majors for Aries

Aries are often people who like being consistent. They tend not to like changes according to people or academia’s whims and caprices. They usually like studying materials that can serve them for a long time as they have a strong dislike for majors that require them to update their information and knowledge about the topic every year or so.

History, philosophy, economics, business, management, political science or international relations are such majors that require more knowledge of the history of the topic than that of future trends. The same can be said about physics, astronomy, biology or medicine.

Those born under this sign often distinguish themselves in medical and legal studies. They can maintain the pace that is needed to keep up with all the materials that need to be memorized, and have the intuition that is needed to apply that theory into practice. Aries tend not to fear or dread difficult examinations, as they are often comfortable dealing with long examinations that other students tend to find difficulties concentrating in or studying for.

Good majors for Aries

Aries are often known for being able to keep going, and going without anything being able to stop them. Thus majors that test both physical and mental strength can be excellent for those born under this sign.

In fact many Aries choose military or navy academies over traditional colleges. They can keep up with the tough physical training and have no trouble combining it with theoretical knowledge. Schools that hire members of elite police forces can also be an excellent choice for natives of this sign.

Many people of this sign get scholarships to pursue sports activities while attending college and make it to their college sports team. Others choose to simply major in sports.

Other majors for an Aries

Scientific majors like mathematics or statistics can be an excellent choice for people of this sign who often take less time than average students understanding formulas and applying them.

In fact, any major that emphasizes rote memorization of dry formulas can be an excellent choice for Aries, as they see no problems with such majors.

Finally, many people born under the sign Aries choose to major in area studies such as Latin American studies or East Asian studies, as they have no trouble with semesters abroad, since natives of this sign can adapt everywhere and handle cultural differences easily.

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