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Colors Associated With Zodiac Signs

It is the power of the Sun that fuels the creation and generation of all life upon our planet. It is also only through the power of the sun and it’s gravitational field, that we and all the planets in our system exist at all.

We should underestimate the power of the Sun…in our universe, in our solar system, in our lives or in our astrology charts. The Sun it is the very fuel of our existence – the charge that ignites all life. If we think of it as our basic life force, pouring into our containers (bodies) as represented by our charts at the time of birth, then we can perhaps visualize the sign and house placement as the color of the vessel that channels our energy into this life.

There are 144 potential colors (possible placements of the Sun by sign and house – 12 x 12), and each one of us falls into one of those specific vessel descriptions.

An Aries whose life force flows through the 4th house of Cancer shall have a much different energy pattern that one who’s Sun is in the 5th house of Leo, for instance… and that energy level will ‘charge’ every planet in the chart. If one were to try and visualize this by color, tradionally, the red of Aries would produce a much more vibrant orange when combined with the yellow/orange of Leo/5th house, as compared to the silvery blue/grey of Cancer which would produce perhaps a certain muddy purple.

If the life force of a person were to be described between these two houses, we can get a pretty visual picture of the different energies when related to color. I will post the listed colors at the end of this article in case you would like to create an image of your own Sun sign.

This energy is only descriptive of the Sun, the only star, the giver of life – our life, the planet’s life – THE life FORCE of our particular solar system. That is what makes the Zodiac sign special to me… not isolated or excommunicated from other chart factors, but unique, special and significant by nature of it’s glorious self.

The planets have no light of their own, of course, but are only ignited by the Sun. We, also, have no life without the Sun and the zodiac sign, I believe becomes important in that particular sense. In the overall picture of the chart, one’s Sun may be weaker by expression or ‘color’ than other chart factors, like a prominent Moon, weighted element pattern or stellium of planets or planets on the angles, etc…

Isabelle Hickey, in Astrology, A Cosmic Science, states:

As the Sun indicates the essence of the individuality or inner self, it gives the underlying keynote of our character. Due to the influence of all the other planets there are infinite variations and combinations, but the underlying influence of your Sun-sign will be operating.

In the Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologyer, Michael Myer writes:

The Sun..the source of will, vitality and personal power. The personality or ego, The center and power of self. The person’s purpose and direction in life. The principle of self-actualization and centering. The Sun provides the individual with the particular type (sign) of experience needed to discover his ‘true nature.” The person’s total self is sustained through the consumption of the type of ‘fuel” symbolized by the Sun’s sign. The Sun is the fountainhead of all light/life sustained within the solar system.

Else Parker writes (in Astrology and it’s Practical Application), that:

the Sun is the pushing power of our earthly life. It represents all that aspires and the Sign in which it is placed manifests our ‘individualities’….that which we admire most and in what direction we prefer to strive.

Here are the colors of the Zodiac Signs according to Parker:

  • Aries – Red
  • Taurus- Pastel shades of pink, pale blue and green…
  • Gemini- Yellow
  • Cancer- Silvery Blue/Smokey Grey
  • Leo – Orange/Yellow (color of sun)
  • Virgo – Green and Dark Brown
  • Libra – Pink, Pale Green and various shades of blue
  • Scorpion – Deep Red and Maroon
  • Sagittarius – Rich Purples and Dark Blues
  • Capricorn – Subdued dark green, gray, black and brown
  • Aquarius – Electric Blue and Turquoise
  • Pisces- Soft Sea Green

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