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Comfort Food For Every Zodiac Sign

turkeyFeeling down? Take a page from Cancer’s recipe book! Here’s what our cooking diva recommends as the ultimate pick-me-up for each zodiac sign:

AriesChips and dip – any kind – as long as it’s fast and easy to open. Aries wants instant gratification, and won’t stand still for a long, involved kitchen session. Sizzling salsa and other hot dips are an added treat that’s sure to fire up this fire sign.

chocolateTaurusChocolate is the comfort food of choice for Taurus. Period. It doesn’t matter if it’s from the finest gourmet store or a half-eaten bag of chocolate chips. For extra-strength coddling, warm up the fondue pot and have some dipped strawberries.

Gemini – Anything layered between two slices of bread will satisfy Gemini’s dual nature. An extra-tall, Dagwood sandwich is one of the only things that will keep this motor mouth busy chewing!

Cancer – Cancer always craves the ultimate home-cooked meal. If that’s not available, Cancer will raid the fridge and create an entirely new meal out of last week’s leftovers. They’re such good cooks you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!

fancyLeo – Leo prefers a feast fit for a king, and if someone else prepares and delivers it, all the better. Leos love a fancy meal with all the trimmings – there’s no such thing as ‘too much’ when it comes to comforting this royal beast.

Virgo – Health-conscious Virgo is one of those annoying signs that can actually derive comfort from sliced carrots, celery and assorted fruits, neatly organized in plastic baggies to keep things hygienic. Ick!

Libra – The ultimate gourmand, only the very best will please (let alone comfort) those discriminating Libras. An elegant high tea at the Ritz – complete with delicate cucumber sandwiches and perhaps a good friend’s shoulder to lean on – are all required elements to make this sign feel truly pampered.

ScorpioBar snacks, all the better to accompany those triple-strength drinks you’ll be swigging down! Buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese dip, a shot and a beer ‘chaser’ are the perfect recipe for Scorpio’s TLC.

milkSagittarius – Sagittarius, the ultimate globetrotter and adventurer, wants nothing more than a cold glass of milk and cookies when it’s time for comfort. Anything that brings back fond childhood memories always does the trick.

Capricorn – Capricorn turns to the tried and true when the chips are down. A home-baked cake (from Mom’s special recipe), or better yet, Mom to actually bake it for them, will make any Capricorn feel alllllllll better.

exoticAquarius – Aquarius doesn’t really turn to food for comfort… there are so many drugs that work much more effectively. In terms of comfort food, they would probably want to go out and experience something altogether different and exciting to get them out of their funk. Like one of those sushi bars that serves live monkey brains, for instance.

Pisces – See  Warm Crab Dip recipe. Pisces needs comfort foods a lot, so keep the local gourmet seafood restaurant on speed dial and you’ll save some wear and tear on the kitchen.

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