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THIS Is How Each Zodiac Sign Act When They Have A Crush On Someone

There’s a co-worker you can’t stop thinking about. Do you announce the truth or do you bury it and endure the frustration of unrequited attraction?

Aries especially loves a challenge, so if they get a “no” they see it as only a temporary setback.

Sagittarius will be so enthusiastic it’ll be hard for anyone to refuse them.

Gemini and Aquarius more than likely have several crushes at once, so they don’t fear trying their luck right away.

Leo always expects to be adored, so they are likely to announce their feelings. That said, they will be hugely hurt if they don’t get a positive response.

Libra tends to wait until the other person makes a move, but they’re so charming –even when standing still — that it will be clear what they’d like to happen.

Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are easily hurt and therefore can be emotionally self-protective.

Cancer will suggest a fun activity that includes others, hoping that the group environment will do the trick.

Scorpio will be even more strategic and find a way of setting up a ‘chance’ meeting to test their crush’s reaction.

Pisces will flirt in a non-committal way until they know for sure whether the object of their affection is reciprocating or not.

Taurus is a very tactile sign, touching or hugging without meaning for it to be sexual. Because of this they can easily find out whether the interest is mutual. If their crush holds back, they’ll quickly shift their attention elsewhere.

Virgo and Capricorn probably have strict rules about not mixing work with pleasure. They’ll likely hold off since they don’t want anything to ruin their chance for a promotion. If the attraction is strong attraction, Capricorn will make a move but Virgo probably won’t.

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