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The Dark Side Of Taurus

Your dark side

Taurus dark side astrologyDear Taurus, I know you well. I know that you like to feel comfortable, to relax and to have everything that you can see with your eyes and touch with your hands under control. You like to be alone, in your territory, your property, your job, with your money and with your family. You love good food as well as good, old traditions.

You love only what you know and you admit that you’re a realist. You know only too well that dreams will not bring food or a roof over your head and although you are not stubborn, you’re not a soft touch either. When you have something in your mind you will not waver or consider that there might be a different way to think or act, and although not very ambitious, it is important for you to have the situation under control.

I admire your perseverance, tenacity, love of work and productivity and your sense of protection for your loved ones.

Yet, you hide something. Do you really believe that your sign has no dark side?

What happens when someone tries your patience? You can become an animal and you are known for the outbursts that you sometimes have. Where do you think you get them, where do you think the violence comes from? It is simply something that has been suppressed in the depths of your character.

To quote an old saying: “If you want to see someone really bad just make a good man very angry”.

Your possessive nature is total and all-embracing and is actually just another form of cruel selfishness. Your view is that sex is a means solely to reproduce, and having children is important for you, but there is also an overlooked, complex and articulate and loving desire in your nature.

My friend, although you have a calm, polite air, you also have a shadow that follows you.

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