Astrology and Horoscopes

The Day of Your Birth & It’s Influence on Your Personality

1This person is original, independent, inventive, a natural leader. Frequently, has a tendency to be a loner, and has difficulty forming relationships with other people. Very strong physical stamina and constitution.

2 A “2” person seeks partnerships, socializing and cooperation. Is often influenced by mood swings. They do their best work in a structured organization and in a routine lifestyle.

3 They love traveling, writing, communication. They have a tendency to make many residential changes throughout their lifetime. They have a large circle of friends and usually have problems with relatives.

4 Practical. Their life centers around their home and their family. They are often overly sentimental, emotional and moody.

5 Creative, sociable, enjoy sports and other activities. They are restless, active and excellent with children.

6 People born on the 6th, are loyal to their family, considerate with their co-workers, but have a severe stubborn streak. They have a tendency to be eccentric or experience moods where they desire seclusion. They need to create, to express their feelings since they are emotionally involved on a somewhat detached level.

7 They do not like to work alone or live alone, but appear socially inept from time to time. They have a tendency to analyze everything and everyone too much.

8 Are usually quite successful, creative, materialistic; they’re generous with others and they have a special magnetism. They are often depressed or feel lonely. They have keen natural extrasensory insights.

9 Strong-willed, independent and have a tendency to want to dominate situations. These people often work in complete solitude for the betterment of mankind.

10 Creative, independent, logical. Their careers are very important to them. They are often secretive and suspicious.

11 Impulsive, creative. Usually destined for some sort of achievement; especially in fields where they create illusions, creative things. High-strung and temperamental.

12 Highly active people. Have a tendency to gossip, they also find themselves worrying too much. They have difficulty staying with one romantic partner.

13 Very practical people. Very home-oriented. Kind and nurturing.

14 Are subject to a lot of change in residence and in lifestyles. They are much like the number 5. Enjoy a lot of amusements and recreations and the opposite sex.

15 Usually very hard workers and very service oriented. Highly intellectual, they have a tendency to over-analyze everything. Very responsible.

16 Find partnerships very important to them . . . but tend to expect more out of a mate then is humanly possible. They are great in public relations work or appearing before the public in any manner.

17 Sensitive, emotional, psychic, sympathetic, concerning themselves about the inner workings of man. Unevolved “17’s” want to be in complete control of other people and are very possessive in relationships.

18 Emotional, home-loving, religiously oriented, socially inclined, a good listener.

19 Money a main concern. Independent, often reckless. Involved in civic affairs.

20 Seeks harmony with others. Is a follower – not a leader. Does well in banking or any field handling other people’s finances.

21 Moody. Often acts like two different people. Intuitive. Often gives of self to others to their disadvantage.

22 Often eccentric. Has unusual ideas, has difficulty holding on to material things. Studious.

23 Romantic. Ardent. Freedom-loving. Capricious. Inclined towards sports and gambling.

24 Often tries to dominate others. A strong parent, loving and kind. Holds own ideas in high esteem.

25 Needs to keep calm. Slightly active, can influence others easily. Sensitive.

26 Good with money. Has his fair share of in-law problems. Often leans toward solitude.

27 Diplomatic. Self-confident. A natural leader. Usually marries later than friends.

28 Usually gets promoted easily in work. Has an outstanding ability for professional leadership.

29 Friendships are easily made. Has helpful acquaintances. Active, often restless.

30 You appear confident and calm. Often you are a paradox. You frequently manipulate others or try to dominate. Romantically active, but on a detached level.

31 Efficient. Logical. Works hard. Needs support from friends and relatives to accomplish. Not especially a self-starter.

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