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How to Decorate Your Home According to Your Zodiac Sign

Your home is a reflection of the inner you, a place where you can be yourself and feed your emotional needs. Learn more about how to put your own stylistic stamp on your castle!

Serene, calm and shaded are your key decor words — strange for a sign associated with fire. Your home needs to be a restful haven without too much clutter or overly radiant colors. The Moon rules your domestic area, and since moonlight is soft and rather mysterious, nothing should stand out too clearly. Moon colors are muted blues, greens and grays. Water in ponds, or trickling streams in the courtyard or garden will help soothe your soul and your scattered wits after a busy day.

A mix of elegance and pleasurable comfort is the look you aim for. You’ll go for a soft but bright look in colors, with carefully placed objets d’art, flowers and plants to bring your love of nature indoors. Chairs and sofas must be covered in fabulously sensuous material, inviting to the touch. Since your favorite activity is eating, you’ll put extra thought into well designed tableware, for your home needs to be functional as well as beautiful.

Your home needs chairs galore, and a large dining table for your family and wide circle of good friends who constantly float in and out. You’re prone to feeling claustrophobic, so light and space are necessities. Formality is not your thing, so although your home must be modern, you won’t want too much designer-chic distracting from good conversation. Television and stereo components will be littered among your copious bookcases.

Your abode needs to be large enough for frequent visitors who come to dine, chat and stay over. The kitchen will be well equipped, since it’s the focal point of your living space. You also like to keep up appearances, so your decor must be traditional and bright. Flamboyant colors are not your taste, so you’ll aim for serenity and tranquility. Soft white lighting will also soothe your mood, as beauty and comfort go hand in hand in your mind.

Your light and spacious home reflects your personality and aspirations, so you’ll want to go for a dramatic look, with plenty of art and a grand enough reception area for large social gatherings. Chairs and sofas will be comfortable and covered in tasteful fabric, and there will be a separate family area and play space for your children. The kitchen will be large for entertaining, though by nature you may not be too domesticated yourself.

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Practical and stylish, your home must be modern — and crammed full of books! Being an earth sign, you are drawn to a natural look using wood and woven fabrics. Flowers and plants will abound, since you love the feeling of the outdoors coming indoors. You always start minimalist, but in due time clutter will build since you adore collecting tasteful bric-a-brac. Since you like to feed the family, your kitchen will have everything you need (including plenty of recipe books).

Home for you is conventional, tastefully decorated and quite tidy. The overall look will be fit for a designer magazine, with elegant cut flowers on the table, sleek fabric on chairs and a few colorful rugs to give a lift. White is your main decorating color, and you like the sense of daylight streaming through large windows. Your home will be color-coordinated, since your eyes become unsettled at the sight of too many jangling shades. Your kitchen will be streamlined and highly modern, with enough gadgets to start your own restaurant!

You’ll choose comfort over high style, and privacy over a grand, entertaining look. Plenty of cosy nooks for chats with close family and friends are a must. Water makes you feel at peace, so either a fountain inside your house or a pond in your garden are recommended additions. The translucence of heavy glass is also a prime design detail in your home, with lighting highly important as well since you prefer shaded areas when you want to be out of the spotlight.

Your home needs to be expansive rather than expensive, since your family and friends will circle in and out. You’ll go for large sofas, floor cushions and huge dining tables. Your interest in foreign cultures means that pictures, ornaments and even furniture come from all around the globe. You’ll aim for clean lines, simple and understated colors and the uncluttered look. Your home needs to be easy to run since, by nature, you’re not very domesticated.

Sumptuous, tasteful and designed to impress, your home needs to be a minor palace. Nothing will be too flamboyant, but it will be colorful, comfortable and rather sleek. Your tastes will start fairly minimalist, then become more ornate as time passes. As an earth sign, you prefer materials with a natural feel. Highly polished wood, Oriental rugs, china, crystal and gilt ornaments will be on display, along with family photographs. Plants and flowers are also important to you since you enjoy feeling connected to nature.

You need an elegant, colorful and comfortable home where friends and family will want to visit. Your kitchen may be chaotic, and the food that emerges from it may sometimes follow suit! You’ll have holiday mementos, and perhaps even indigenous works of art or craft, sitting next to the latest music and video components. Large bookshelves are a must, and most of all, your home needs light and space since you dislike feeling cramped.

Home for you has to be a haven of peace and tranquility. You’ll aim for soft, sensuous fabrics on furniture, and not too many clean lines or metal edges. Soft drapes lined with lace relax you and make you sigh with pleasure. Colors will be soft and soothing, not abrasive and electrifying, and your kitchen will be filled with all sorts of convenient devices.

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