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Astrology of Depression and Anxiety

Astrology of Depression and Anxiety

Astrology of Depression

In a natal chart, depression is signified through strong Earth or Water influences.

Significant earth emphasis can be seen through Capricorn, Saturn, Virgo, Mercury, Taurus, and sometimes as the ruling planet of Taurus, Venus. When you explore these signs and planets more closely it is not surprising the impact they might have on an individual. Capricorn and the ruling Saturn has the ability to slow things down and make sure its impact is felt before moving on. When these are placed in the 12th house representing the psyche and subconscious it adds a depressive quality to the individual’s inner thoughts. Further, if Saturn has a direct influence (such as a conjunction) or a challenging aspect (such as a square) to the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant those depressive qualities will be felt.

Charts with significant Water qualities are also prone to depression because of the fragile emotional and mental state that a person may be placed in. This is seen through the effects of Neptune (planet of illusion and vision) and Pluto (the planet of crisis and the collective unconscious). The depressive state can be further enhanced if conjunct the Sun, Moon or Ascendant. Another important factor is the role of Chiron. This can indicate a specific wound and if associated with any of the above mentioned planets and signs can be danger and even debilitating to an individual.

Astrology of Anxiety

Anxiety has been shown to have more of an impact in charts with large amounts of Fire or Air elements.

Similar to ADHD, anxiety can be found through the impact of Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus. Any challenging aspects would be considered important, especially those coinciding with Sun, Moon, and Ascendant.

The link to ADHD comes from an overabundance of energy seen in Fire and Air charts. These individuals may not have an appropriate way to manage their stress or thoughts or energy so they act out of control and on edge.

Venus may be involved in the states of depression and anxiety because it is the planet of love and beauty. Most people who are depressed suffer from lack of self-esteem and they just don’t care about their appearance. A poor or challenging aspect to Venus could indicate this. On the other spectrum of things, those with anxiety problems may suffer from worrying too much about what others think of them. They worry about their appearance and what others think of them to the point that they are vain, promiscuous or even develop an eating disorder. The do anything they can to gain the approval of society often trying to be the “one everyone loves” or “everyone would love to look like”.

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