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Dictionary Of Astrological Keywords

Dictionary of Keywords & Significators in alphabetical order.  



Ability to regenerate resources	Pluto
Accidents			Mars
Achievements		10th House 
Acquaintances		11th House 
Actions			1st House
Adaptability			Mercury
Adaptability			3rd House 
Administration		Sun 
Adventure			Mars
Adventure 			Jupiter & 9th
Affection			Sun 
Afflictions			12th House 
Agreements		7th House
Aims in life			10th House 
Alcohol			Neptune 
Alliances			7th House
Ambition			Mars
Ambitions			Saturn & 10th 
Anger			Mars
Animals			6th House 
Anxieties			Saturn
Anxieties			12th House 
Appearance		1st House
Artistic abilities		Neptune 
Artistic endeavours		5th House
Artistic matters		12th House 
Artistic talent		12th House 
Assault			Mars
Assets			2nd House
Associates  (business or pleasure)
			Venus & 7th
Attacks on self		Mars
Attitude			1st House 
Bank balance		2nd House
Bankruptcy			8th House 
Basic Intellect		Mercury
Beginning or ending of a   chapter in life (often dramatic)
		 	8th House 
Behaviour (general)		Moon
Beliefs			Jupiter
Bereavement		Saturn
Betrayal			Neptune 
Betrayal			Pluto 
Bravery			Mars
Brothers & sisters		Mercury & 3rd
Burdens			Saturn 
Business partners		7th House 
Calamities			Saturn
Calamities			Uranus
Career			Saturn & 10th
Caring			Moon
Change   (sudden or unexpected)
Changes   (brought about by thinking)
Changes and   general fluctuations
Changes   (major, complete new phases)
Changes (reactions to) 	3rd House 
Charity			Jupiter
Cheating			Neptune 
Childhood			Sun & 5th
Childhood (early)		Moon
Children			Sun & 5th
Churches			Jupiter
Clairvoyance		Neptune 
Clandestine activities		Neptune 
Clandestine associations   and meetings
			12th House 
Classmates		Mercury & 3rd
Clubs			11th House 
Coldness			Saturn
Colleagues		11th House 
Collecting			Moon
Common sense		Moon
Communication   (thinking writing, speaking)
Communication skills 	3rd House 
Communication (distant)	Jupiter & 9th 
Companions		Venus
Compassion		Neptune 
Concentration		Mars
Conduct in public		10th House 
Confidence			Sun 
Confidential matters		12th House 
Conflicts			Mars
Confusion			Neptune 
Constitution		1st House 
Contracts			7th House
Courage			Mars
Cousins			Mercury
Co-workers		6th House 
Craftsmanship & skills	6th House 
Creativity			Sun & 5th
Crime			Pluto 
Cruelty			Mars 
Danger			Mars
Daring			Mars
Death			Pluto 
Debts			Saturn
Debts			2nd or 8th
Delays			Saturn
Delusions			12th House 
Deprivation			Saturn 
Desires			Venus
Devastation		Pluto 
Dignity			Sun 
Diplomacy			Venus
Disagreements		Mars
Disagreements		7th House
Disappointments		12th House 
Disaster			Pluto 
Discoveries		Uranus
Disloyalty			Neptune 
Disputes			Mars
Disputes			7th House
Disruption			Uranus
Disruptive behaviour		Uranus
Distant matters		9th House 
Distant travel		9th House 
Divorce			7th House
Domestic environment		Moon & 4th
Domestic matters		Moon & 4th
Doubts			Saturn
Dreams			Neptune 
Dreams			9th House 
Drugs			Neptune 
Earnings			Venus & 2nd
Eccentricity			Uranus
Education (also attitude towards, learning  and study abilities, success in)
Education (Primary/Secondary)	
			3rd House 
Education (success in)
			3rd House 
Education (higher)		9th House 
Effort			Mars
Emotional responses		Moon
Endurance			Saturn
Enemies			Mars
Enemies			7th House
Enemies (secret)		12th House 
Entertainment		Sun 
Enthusiasm		Mars
Environment (immediate)	Moon & 4th
Escapism			Neptune & 12th 
Executive ability		Sun 
Executive ability		Mars
Executive abilities		10th House 
Exertion			Mars
Expansion of consciousness	Neptune 
Exploitation			Neptune 
Extravagance		Jupiter 
Faith			Jupiter
Fame			Sun 
Fame			10th House 
Family			Moon & 4th
Family affairs		Moon & 4th 
Far away places		9th House 
Father			Sun 
Father			Saturn & 10th
Fatherhood			Sun 
Fears			Saturn
Fears			Neptune & 12th
Feelings towards people or things	
Feuds			Mars
Fiancé			Venus
Finances			2nd House
Finances (joint or belonging to others)
			8th House 
Financial matters 		Venus
Financial abilities		Venus & Pluto 
Foreboding			Neptune 
Foreign people		Jupiter & 9th
Foreign places		Jupiter & 9th
Foreign affairs		Jupiter & 9th 
Foresight			Neptune 
Fortune			Jupiter
Fraud			Neptune 
Friends (casual)	 	Uranus
Friends (close)		Venus & 7th
Friends (casual)		11th House 
Friends (secret)		12th House 
Further studies		9th House 
Gains or losses		2nd House
Gambling			Sun & 5th
Generosity			Jupiter & 9th
Glamour			Neptune 
Glory			Sun 
Glory			Jupiter
Goals			10th House 
Groups			11th House
Groups of like minded people	11th House
Gullibility			Neptune 
Habits			Moon
Happiness			Jupiter
Hatred			Mars
Healers			Sun 
Health			1st, 6th & 12th Houses 
Hidden matters		12th House 
Hidden abilities and talent	12th House 
Hidden limitations		12th House 
Higher mind		Jupiter & 9th
Higher education		Jupiter & 9th
Higher educational establishments
Higher intellect		Uranus
Hobbies			Sun 
Hobbies			5th House
Home			Moon & 4th
Homemaking		Moon & 4th
Honours			Sun 
Honours			Jupiter
Honours			10th House 
Hopes and wishes		11th House 
Hospitals			Neptune 
Hostility			Mars
Hygiene			6th House 
Ideals			Jupiter
Ideas (new)		Uranus
Illness in general		1st, 6th or 12th.  
Imagination		Moon
Importance			Sun 
Income 			2nd House
Individuality			Uranus
Infatuation			Neptune 
Ingenuity			Uranus
Inheritance			Jupiter
Inheritance			8th House 
Inherited tendencies		Moon & 4th
Inhibitions			Saturn
Innovation			Uranus
Insight			Pluto 
Inspiration			Neptune 
Instincts			Moon
Institutions			Neptune 
Integrity			Jupiter
Intellectual abilities		9th House 
Intelligence			Mercury & 3rd 
Intrigues			12th House 
Intuition			Uranus
Intuition			9th House 
Inventiveness		Uranus 
Joy			Jupiter
Judgement			Jupiter
Kin			Mercury
Land			4th House
Law courts			Jupiter
Lawsuits			Jupiter & 9th
Lawyers			Jupiter & 9th 
Leadership			Sun 
Legacies			Pluto & 8th
Legal matters		Jupiter & 9th
Legal agreements		7th House
Life & death matters		8th House 
Litigation,			7th House
Logic			Jupiter
Logic			9th House 
Losses			Saturn 
Losses			Pluto 
Losses			12th House 
Love 			Sun 
Love			Venus
Love affairs 		Sun & 5th 
Loved ones		Sun & Venus
Lovers			7th House 
Major changes		8th House 
Managing & organising abilities	Sun 
Mannerisms		Moon
Mannerisms		1st House
Marriage			Venus & 7th
Marriage partner		Venus & 7th
Medical matters		6th House 
Meditation			Neptune 
Memory			Moon
Mentality 			Mercury & 3rd 
Misfortunes		Saturn 
Misfortunes		12th House 
Money			Venus & 2nd
Moods			Moon
Morality			Jupiter
Mother			Moon
Motherhood		Moon
Muddles			Neptune 
Natural charm		Venus
Negotiation			Venus
Neighbourhood,		3rd House 
Neighbours		Mercury & 3rd 
Objectives			11th House 
Obsessions		Neptune & 12th
Obstacles			Saturn 
Old buildings		Saturn 
Older people		Saturn
Opinions			Mercury
Opinions			1st House 
Originality			Uranus
Outlook			1st House 

Parents (particularly one's mother)
			4th House
Partnerships		Venus & 7th 
Passion			Mars
Passions			Pluto 
Past (the) 			Moon
Pastimes			5th House
Patience			Saturn
People in authority or in a position of power,	
			Saturn & 10th 
Persecution		Neptune 
Perseverance		Saturn
Persistence		Saturn
Personal power		Sun 
Personality			1st House
Pets			6th House 
Philanthropy		Jupiter & 9th 
Philosophic tendencies	Jupiter & 9th
Physical condition,		1st House 
Pioneering ability		Mars
Places of confinement		Neptune & 12th  
Pleasure			Sun & 5th 
Plots and treachery against the subject	
			Neptune & 12th
Popularity			Moon
Popularity			Uranus
Popularity in career and world 	10th House 
Position in life		Sun 
Position in life		10th House 
Possessions		Venus & 2nd
Possessions (attitude towards)	Venus & 2nd
Premonitions		Neptune 
Prestige			Sun 
Pride			Sun 
Principles			Jupiter
Prisons			Neptune 
Procreative urges		Moon
Procreative urges		Venus
Procreative urges,		Mars
Profession			Saturn, Mc & 10th
Professional abilities		Jupiter
Professional places		Jupiter
Professional matters		9th House 
Professional aims		9th House 
Professional people		9th House 
Prominence		Sun 
Property			4th House
Prophecy			Neptune 
Prosperity			Jupiter
Protection (given and received)	Moon
Psychic (abilities or just strong interests)	
Psychics			Neptune 
Public			Moon
Public image		Moon
Public life			10th House 
Pursuit of pleasure		5th House 
Quarrels			Mars
Reading			Mercury
Receptivity			Moon
Recreation 			5th House
Relatives			Mercury & 3rd 
Reliability			Saturn
Religion			9th House 
Religious beliefs		Jupiter & 9th
Religious people		Jupiter & 9th
Religious views		Jupiter & 9th 
Renewal			Pluto 
Resistance			Saturn
Resources			8th House 
Responses to art		12th House 
Responsibilities		Saturn 
Restrictions		Saturn 
Risks			Sun & 5th
Rivals 			7th House
Romance 			Sun & 5th 
Romance			Moon
Romance			Venus & 7th
Romantic associations		Sun & 5th 
Scandal			Neptune & 12th 
Secret sorrows		Neptune 
Secret activities		Neptune 
Secret helpers		Neptune 
Secret enemies		Neptune 
Secret actions		Pluto 
Secret feelings		12th House 
Secrets			12th House 
Seduction			Neptune 
Self esteem		Sun 
Self sacrifice		Neptune 
Sentiment			Moon
Seriousness		Saturn
Service (capacity for)		Mercury & 6th 
Sex drive			Pluto 
Sexual matters 		8th House 
Sexuality			Pluto 
Shared possessions 		8th House 
Shocks			Uranus
Slander			Mercury
Social contacts		Sun & 5th 
Social functions		Sun & 5th 
Social contacts (casual) 	Uranus & 11th
Social affairs		5th House
Societies 			11th House 
Speculation		Sun & 5th
Spirituality			Jupiter
Sports			Sun 
Stability			Saturn
Stamina			Mars
Standing in community		10th House 
Strange happenings		Uranus
Strength			Mars
Study (capacity for)		Mercury & 3rd
Success (general)		Sun 
Success			Jupiter
Success in life		10th House 
Sudden partings		Uranus
Suffering			12th House 
Sympathy,			9th House 
Teachers			Mercury
Teaching			Moon
Telepathy			Neptune 
Temperament		1st House 
Tenacity			Moon
Tenacity			Saturn
Theft			Mercury
Theft			Neptune 
Thinking			Mercury & 3rd 
Threats			Mars
Traditional & inherited thinking	Moon
Transformation		Pluto 
Travel (short distances)	Mercury & 3rd
Travel (distant)		Jupiter & 9th
Treachery			Neptune 
Tribunals			Jupiter
Troubles			Saturn 
True love			Neptune 
Upsets			Pluto 
Vacations			Sun & 5th
Vagueness			Neptune 
Versatility			Mercury 
Violence			Mars
Violence			Pluto 
Virility			Mars
Visions			Neptune 
Vocation			Saturn, Mc and 10th
Wealth			Jupiter
Women (in a man's chart)	Venus
Women in general		Moon
Work			6th House 
Work (Capacity for, conditions)	6th House 
Working ability		Mars
Worries			Saturn
Worries			Neptune 
Worries			12th House 
Writing			Mercury 



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