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Dignities, Exaltations, Falls & Detriments

Today we are looking at the planets in our natal charts and examining how these planets may be considered to be in a “good” sign placement or in a sign that may be more challenging for the planet to express its energies.

All the signs are ruled by a certain planet, and when a planet is in the sign that it rules it is said to be in dignity. When a planet is in dignity (barring challenging aspects to that planet) expressing the energies of that planet should be quite comfortable. This is because the energies of that planet are in sync with the qualities of the sign ruling it.

For example, Mars in Aires is said to be dignified. This is because Mars is the natural ruler of Aires and as such Aires embodies the qualities of Mars within it.

You may notice when you look at the details below – that the signs a planet is in dignity and detriment in are opposite each other on the zodiac wheel. The same is true for the signs that are in exaltation and fall for a planet. This should not be a real surprise as signs opposite each other on the zodiac wheel tend to have opposing qualities.

Planet Dignity Detriment Exaltation Fall
Sun Leo Aquarius Aires Libra
Moon Cancer Capricorn Taurus Scorpio
Mercury Gemini/Virgo Sagittarius/Pisces Virgo Pisces
Venus Taurus/Libra Scorpio/Aires Pisces Virgo
Mars Aires Libra Capricorn Cancer
Jupiter Sagittarius Gemini Cancer Capricorn
Saturn Capricorn Cancer Libra Aires
Uranus Aquarius Leo n/a n/a
Neptune Pisces Virgo n/a n/a
Pluto Scorpio Taurus n/a n/a

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