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Dominant Air Element

You have AIR as the dominant element in the birth chart, which means more planets are found in air signs or air houses, especially important planets such as the sun, the moon, the personal planets, and the ascendant. This means that what primarily motivates you are thought patterns and the rational mind, and how to communicate those thoughts to others.

You enjoy reading, discussing intellectual concepts, and trying to understand the energy that underlies the shape of the mind. The world of the ideas is where you live, hence you are not as concerned about the practical world of things, material possessions, your social life, emotions, or the spiritual realm.

You may have a great ability to concentrate on a particular subject matter, or you may flit from one topic to another, depending on how your planets are aspected. You may enjoy talking to people about various topics, or you may prefer to communicate privately through writing, art or other abstract thought.

Your biggest advantage is the ability to detach yourself from everyday life and be objective, thereby gaining a rational approach; this helps you to deal with all sorts of people without getting bogged down in their emotions and problems.

However, watch that you don’t become absorbed in a daydream, or preoccupied with abstract thoughts and ideas so that others cannot understand you. You likely prefer other air signs or fire signs, who can give you the freedom to express yourself, while earth signs can limit you and water signs can leave you feeling drenched in emotion. Use your reason to think your way through to solving your problems.

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