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Dominant Earth Element

If you have EARTH as the dominant element in the birth chart, you are what primarily motivates you are material needs such as security, money, and having the ability to get by in the world by using your skills to support yourself.

You are likely more practical than intuitive, preferring to use your five senses to take in necessary information rather than using a lot of airy theories or inspirational thoughts. You are probably regarded as a “real” down to earth type of person who is patient, disciplined, and who can find a niche or place in the world of work since it is important for you to survive, eke out a basic living, and meet the needs of yourself and your family.

Though you are not forthright and assertive like the fire signs, you can speak out when you feel something endangers your security. You are efficient, dependable, conventional, and cautious, yet can be suspicious about people who seem to have their “head in the clouds” full of ideas, like the air signs.

Of all the signs you trust the watery people the most, perhaps because they have the same self-protectiveness, depth and retentiveness you have.

The only negative qualities of the earth element is that it can be too practical, lacking in imagination, narrow in its outlook, and addicted to a routine or order.

Try to go beyond your own depth, to see beyond the structure of what is there, and to stretch your airy mind so it can deal more with abstract ideas and theories. This will open you up to the reality of the unseen world and add a wisdom to your practical, common sense approach to daily life.

Your biggest lesson is to learn to let go of material things, for only by learning detachment can you learn to serve others.

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