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Dominant Fire Element

If in your birth chart, we find that the FIRE element dominates, this hot, radiant energy gives you sunbeams of life, and you typically enjoy direct action, lots of physical exercise, busy movement, and ascertive expression and enthusiasm whenever possible.

Though you may need water and earth to sustain you, and a breeze to fan your flames, it is from the light of the sun that you gather all your warmth and energy, giving it to others in a powerful burst of inspiration and dynamic rays that can even be overpowering if not channelled properly.

You may insist on getting your view across, and impatience and insensitivity are not uncommon with fire types. You are generally very strong, high spirited, high-strung, but needing discipline and an audience in which to funnel your source of wisdom. Don’t rush into things too quickly.

People with much fire in their charts tend to get along well other fire signs, or with air signs, such as Aquarius, Gemini or Libra, who can stimulate them into action and get them to respond to problems with intensity.

You probably need to learn to think slowly before jumping head or heart first into any plan, although you are likely self-motivated and a real go-getter. You may be an entrepreneur, constantly starting new projects with courage and energy.

The ego is strong here, shouting out “I am here!”, and seeking affirmation to all who will listen. People may not answer, but they see the light that you bring.

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