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Dominant Water Element

If you have Water as the dominant element in the birth chart, you are motivated mostly by deep yearnings, by emotions, by unseen psychic nuances, and by feelings. Having a lot of water in your chart gives you the ability to get in touch with your own feelings, and at the same time, gives you an added capacity to experience and express true empathy and compassion towards others. Thus, you will find many people in the healing or psychic professions with a water connection in their charts.

Water symbolizes the cooling, instinctual response and the sensitive nature a friend might show someone who is troubled over a broken heart. On a deeper level, it may reveal an intense yearning or compelling desire towards spirituality, love, or some other noble truth or virtue. Many times this “watery” feeling manifests itself unconsciously, where the individual is unaware of the power that really motivates him or her.

The task for a person who has much of the water element in a chart is to get in tune with the deeper dimensions of life, and to channel his or her intuition into a positive direction that can help others, especially through empathy and psychic response. If you are not aware of your own feelings, however, it becomes virtually impossible to tap into a higher consciousness or to help others, and it is easier to become prey to irrational fears and compulsions.

Watery people are happiest when their fluid is channeled and “given form” by someone else, especially by earth signs. They are repelled by the bawdy, burning fire signs. Watery people are secretive, contained, even if they may have storms brewing inside, which can lead to much emotional instability.

Remember that water has much force and penetrating power if focused and channeled correctly. It symbolizes gaining consciousness slowly, and provides a deep stillness and reflection for others to draw guidance from.

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