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Dragon Horoscope 2015

Dragon Horoscope 2015: COURAGE AND SUPERIORITY

DRAGON (East) – ARIES (West)

dragonA star rises called Saddle of the Commander, which holds a symbolism of courage and military superiority. It is said that, with its help, people can surpass obstacles and impose their will.

Other favorable stars are the Heavenly Virtue and the Star of the Blessing, that allow them, not only to have luck but also to turn what is negative into positive.

But the star of Gossip will be a constant threat. That means Dragons will have to be particularly discreet and alert during the year.

Sit back and take a bit of a breather during the year of the Sheep. Stick to what you know best and complete whatever it is you’ve been working on but don’t start new ventures.

You will gain the most doing what is hardest for you to do: finishing what you’ve already started. Grant yourself that much-needed vacation.

Love Horoscope 2015 for Dragon

The most significant threat in this field is the presence of the star Isolated Living. Its symbolism stems from the punishment that was inflicted, on ancient China, on those who acted against law and tradition – they were isolated from their family.

This star points to the need of paying due attention to others, and to expressing affection.

Career Horoscope 2015 for Dragon

Your creative and innovating attitude will attract success, but they will have to keep within the boundaries of what is reasonable.

Often the road to success will go through, not doing exactly what they had imagined, but acting according to what is possible.

The Dragon will have to make some concessions now, so that later they can be rewarded with solid success.

Money Horoscope 2015 for Dragon

The only thing asked of them is that they are wise.

The atmosphere of success of the year 2015 will inevitably drag with it financial benefits.

But if they are not careful with their expenses, or if they make risk investments, it might happen that they reach the end of the year with a negative balance.

Health Horoscope 2015 for Dragon

In many moments of the year 2015 Dragons will live very intensely, and they won’t always respect the basic principles of a healthy life. This will be their weakest link.

Thus, they must make an effort to pay their health the appropriate attention.

MESSAGE OF THE YEAR of the Sheep 2015  for Dragon

The sign of the Dragon is related to high flights of the spirit, while the Goat (Sheep) is more modest in scope and discreet in actuation.

The message is that, beyond the great projects, professional or not, that mobilize our personal energies and our creativity, we cannot forget the human side of life. Namely the time we “waste” or “lose” with other people may not be immediately productive, but constitutes in itself a form of enrichment.

  • Best months of the year 2015: February, May, August and November.
  • What you should strive for in 2015: completion and accumulation.
  • Your lucky numbers in 2015: 1, 12, 22, 27, 41, 44

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