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Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2016

The Magic Dragon– Enchanting Seer- 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012Chinese Zodiac Dragon 2016

Dragon Horoscope 2016

Dear Dragon, welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Monkey 2016! According to Chinese astrology, the Chinese New Year will start on February 8, 2016.

Dragon Characteristics:

Dragons have magnetic personalities and are capable of great success or spectacular failure. Whatever they set their minds to do they do well because of their great faith in themselves. However Dragons are renowned for not finishing things. Their frank and open way of dealing with people can be disconcerting but their sincere and enthusiastic approach make up for this.

Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 5, 6, 15, 21, 34, 35, 36 and 45.

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Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2016

The following are general characteristics of the Chinese Horoscope 2016 for a Dragon person. A more detailed investigation of a Dragon person’s personalised horoscope would obviously reveal more.

The Monkey year 2016 can brings good times for the Dragon with better conditions all around. The vitality of the Dragon zodiac signs finds platform for creativity, exuberance and release. Charm is enhanced along with opportunities for success. It is not wise to act without deliberation as impulsiveness can lead to unfortunate results. A year of change, it is up to the Dragon to steer down the most beneficial path.

Dragon, within the year of the Fire Monkey, within this year of 2016, relationships with friends and family improve as your foundational elements become more harmonious. You simply feel much more balanced this year and are ready for anything. Family relationships that had once been distant are now climbing into a position of healing and positive communication.

Dragon, express yourself well and communicate with humility and respect. Friends look up to you and will follow what you do and not what you say. Family will feel proud of your leadership this year, but beware of a family member who is not as they say they are. Be careful with all relationships this year, Dragon. Remain friendly, honest, and open, but avoid negative or toxic individuals.

The Monkey year 2016 will probably cause you to overextend yourself. Success may come, if so, attempt to replicate it. But beware, as Monkeys are not always kind to Dragons. Dragon may face a tough year ahead with several unlucky stars looming. He puts himself forward again, but he’s liable to regret it; he can’t bear being made fun of! The Dragon will be tempted to take an unprecedented gamble that could prove to be sink or swim crucial. The Dragon should put a lot of thought into all of his projects before bringing them forward, and must be quick to rectify errors in judgment before they develop into huge mistakes.

Above all, in the Year of the Monkey 2016 the Dragon must think ahead and avoid the tendency to quarrel. Monkey years overflow with unpredicability but also can be full of delightful surprises and opportunities for success.

In the Year of the Monkey Dragon’s love life is favored, as the Monkey admires and even adulates him. However, broken friendships or romantic quarrels can result if he is too determined to have everything done his way.

Progress can be foreseen in his career, and financial undertakings may look bountiful but he must not be misled by favorable preliminary results or he could get snared in legal entanglements.

The Monkey’s year is a time for compromises and heeding the advice of others; it favors the tactician who can improvise and solve intricate puzzles without losing his composure. The Dragon must pass certain tests before the Monkey’s year will reward him, suggest the Chinese Horoscope 2016 for Dragon.

Dragon 2016 Chinese Love Horoscope

Majestic Dragon, even though you take center stage everywhere you go, in 2016 a true love match is hard to find for you that has all of the elements you are seeking in a love relationship.

But the love department is expected to be positive for you, strong Dragon, within this year. In the matter of love, married or attached Dragons will have a steady relationship with their partners. The occasional disagreement is likely to occur but your relationship in 2016 will be as wonderfully firm as a rock.

For the unattached, socializing come 2016 would be the best bet in finding that special someone! Expect an old flame to contact you, which could confuse things within a newly- established relationship. Keep your wits about you, Dragon, and evaluate all relationships. Eliminate those who are not cheering you on or celebrating you. Love in 2016 will be prosperous for you, dear Dragon!

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The best compatibility relationships for the Dragon this year are the Rats, the Monkeys, and the Roosters. Each of these Chinese horoscope signs are playful, inventive, communicative and fun-loving. They each also have serious elements that will challenge your strengths and abilities.

Dragon 2016 Money & Career Chinese Horoscope


Dragon, even though you draw attention to yourself at the work place within this year of the Monkey, look for competition to sneak in and try to steal your thunder. Quarrels amongst business partners and office colleagues abound for the Dragon in 2016, so take heed and avoid confrontations if you possibly can. The Dragon will be avalanched with paperwork with very poor rewards. Look out from being taken advantage of and stand firm of your rights when in jeopardy.


Plentiful wealth is in store for the mighty Dragon come in year 2016. Take this opportunity to reap rewards and do pay caution at the same time for fraudsters and stay away from the lure of gambling. Optimize this time to gather your financial gains and do invest in property for this is a most auspicious wealth generator for 2016.

But you must expect the unexpected when it comes to money and finance this year. Situations in financial growth will improve within direct correlation to the amount of focus and work that you put into it. Even though your financial goals are enjoying a boost from the Year of Sheep 2015, and a strong foundation will be set, you still will have to wake up early in the morning and work a bit late to remain on top of your game.

Dragons who feel they are not wanting to be locked into a schedule and who have that entrepreneur attitude, this is the year to begin that new idea, project, or business you have been considering. Overall, 2016 will prove to be profitable for the enthusiastic Dragon.

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Like your love life, health for the Dragon will be smooth and steady, with the occasional minor ailments. Do take extra care to avoid oily food, alcohol and cigarettes to ensure great health. Be extra careful when handling sharp objects too and you’re all set!

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