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2017 Chinese Horoscope Predictions For Dragon, Year of The Rooster

 Dear Dragon, welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Rooster 2017! According to Chinese astrology, the Chinese New Year 2017 will start on January 28, 2017.

2017 Dragon Horoscopes

Dragon Horoscope 2017 Overview

2017 Dragon Love Horoscope

Dragon Money Horoscope 2017

2017 Dragon Career Horoscope

Double Signs Dragon Horoscope 2017

The following are general characteristics of the Chinese Astrology 2017 for a Dragon person. A more detailed investigation of a Dragon person’s personalised yearly horoscope would obviously reveal more.

Dragon Horoscope 2017 Overview

The Dragon is a major Chinese sign for good fortune, power and luck. To the Orientals, the gifted Dragon possesses magical powers with a strangely lucky mystical side. In a confrontation, most Dragons have a tendency to misjudge the situation, and few are adept at extricating themselves from difficulties. One should note that most Dragons can be ferociously brutal when angered.

Dragon, enjoy one of your best years because Rooster and Dragon are harmonious. Together they create a symbol of marriage. Good fortune and prosperity can continue from the previous Monkey year. In 2017, happiness, good news, luck in love, promotions, and business success are all foreseen. New friends can offer great opportunities and solid assistance.

2017 Dragon Predictions For Love

Most Dragons are frequently surrounded by admirers but the romantic affairs are never simple. Either they fall in love and commit themselves to a serious relationship where they enjoy a stable and satisfactory married life or they never marry at all.

Most kind and considerate Dragons have enough room in their heart for almost everyone.

The Dragon 2017 Horoscope shows that you would make plenty of new friends while maintaining good relations with old friends. Do not be surprised by sudden offers of help; accept them gracefully but be sure to express your sincere gratitude for the same people may be of help again in the near future. Businessmen could increase their luck with a Merchant Ship Crystal on their work tables, bringing in more opportunities for money-making projects.

Single Dragons may find it difficult to meet someone new in 2017. The Feng Shui yearly predictions 2017 for the Dragon show that though the possibilities are low, a pair of Mandarin Ducks beside the bed may help if you are persistent in your search for The One. Those already with someone would enjoy smooth relationships.

Sometimes you think yourself too busy for social occasions (or too tired after your long day of work). But in 2017, try and make the effort, because it will be worth your time. Think of attending some event, even for just a few minutes. You’ll be pleased with the connections you make at these social gatherings.

Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2017 For Finance

Because most Dragons are slavishly impressed by wealth, prestige, rank and splendor they have an inherent knack for attracting money and most generally enjoy financial prosperity. Interestingly, no matter what surprises Fate may have in store, whatever difficulties or hardships Dragons may encounter along the road, most strongly self-determined Dragons will always ultimately land on their feet. Finally, many Chinese traditionalists say that Dragons leave wealth and prosperity on their path.

2017 is a prosperous year ahead for the Dragon indeed, with favorable stars shining bright in glee. There may be possibilities of promotions or increase in salary. A good enhancement symbol would be the Eight Horses of Success in the South or North sector of your home or office. A Boat to Heaven depicting the Eight Immortals could well aid you in your road to victory!

Dragon, if you have your own business, you will see quite a bit of growth and success in 2017. You will be expanding into larger markets, or drilling more deeply into your niche. Either way, more customers are coming.

There may be a slight hiccup at the end of the year with an unexpected event concerning your finance. The 2017 Dragon horoscope predictions warn you that you may lose some money without warning; though it would be surprising but do not fear as this would be a very minor setback. Place a Twin Guardian Kei Loon at your main door to help minimize the setback.

Year Of The Rooster 2017 Predictions For Career

Most Dragons are confident, dynamic and delightful. Most of them exhibit a self-assurance so impressive that their influence is considerable. Most Dragons are gifted, intelligent and tenacious. They can do almost anything. Most Dragons have success wherever they go. They seem capable to excel in the fields of engineering, education profession. Dragons could become artists, painters, comedians, actors, writers, film directors.

For those Dragons who are currently employed, your prospects for 2017 look quite good. Your options are expanding, and there is a possibility of a promotion this year. The same goes for those of you who own your own business: you will see your customer list grow.

Whether currently employed or not, 2017 is a year to expand your skill set. Take computer classes or find a tutor, no matter what your field. Also, take every opportunity to expand your knowledge in your chosen profession. But note, the Dragon astrology for 2017 shows that this is not a year to give up working in order to take on full time studies, not unless you have a lot of money in the bank or a secret trust fund. It’s a year have income while learning more.

Younger Dragons would perform well at school in 2017, while teenage Dragons may experience some health problems. An Eight Jade Coin Pendant in their Tien Yi according to their GUA may be of help to better health.

Double Signs Dragon Horoscope 2017: Chinese & Western Zodiacs

Dragon-Aries:  In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, your energetic approach and competitive skills help you become more secure financially and emotionally. In your personal life, before you give up on a relationship, do everything you can to improve your union in every way you can. On the work front, push your short-term projects quickly and decisively. Don’t expect instant results.

Dragon-Taurus:  In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, the focus is on generating more income. On the work front, if you prove to higher-ups that you are very dependable, you have an excellent bargaining position to negotiate for a raise in salary. In your personal life, you might feel terribly hurt if you discover that a partner is cheating on you. The Dragon predictions for 2017 shows that if you are in a relationship that is no longer beneficial to you, it would be smart for you to think twice before you rush headlong to divorce court.

Dragon-Gemini:  In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, you have a job offer? It might be wise to change environment. In your personal Life, if your mate is playing around you might want to retaliate. An affair is unlikely to last, although it could be memorable. What should you do? Nothing to worry here, Love will grow from a sexual partnership to a more permanent union. As far as finances are concerned, your horoscope shows that it would be smart for you to think twice before buying durable consumer goods such as a car, a house, a computer.

Dragon-Cancer:  In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, if your spouse is cheating on you, you may have to make some changes you don’t fancy. Seek help from a professional counselor. As far as money is concerned, you need to bank some cash. On the work front, lack of harmony at your work place might prevent you from completing an important task. As a result, your work performance will deteriorate. Even if the pressure is ON at your workplace, the satisfaction of a job well-done and the rewards will be worth the effort.

Dragon-Leo:  In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, you could suffer loss or sorrow in connection with a romance. Stubbornness and pursuit of extramarital sex could part of the problem. As far as finances are concerned, in 2017 some of Dragons will get some fresh financing or bank loan and possibly a new business partner to help you out. On the work front, the strong energetic vibes emanating from Jupiter (fortunate accomplishment) presently retrograding in Libra could make you highly motivated to pair with a partner in order to complete an important assignment.

Dragon-Virgo:  In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, a new job might require relocation at a distance. As far as finances are concerned, your financial recovery will be gradual. If you are a real go-getter, you’ll eventually find extra income. In your personal life, changes are bound to take place. If your most important emotional needs are not being met, don’t get panicky. Consult with an experienced marriage counselor. Dare ask for his or her credentials.

Dragon-Libra:  In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, there might be some uncertainty at your workplace. If you feel insecure, don’t get panicky. This disruptive phase is NOT the disaster you fear. Whatever project you have in mind, decide on a strategy and if your direction is clear; go for it. In your personal life, in 2017 it’s time to take your actual relationship a lot more seriously, before you find your Self in a divorce court. As far as money is concerned, the chinese predictions advise you to be alert to any possible way of increasing your take-home pay.

Dragon-Scorpio:  In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, your most intimate relationships, friendships and other legal partnerships could be undergoing some significant changes. On the work and monetary front, the Universe will be abundant for many of you but within the confines of our own limitations. On the work front, to really enjoy your job, it must challenge you to give fully of your talents.

Dragon-Sagittarius:  In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, current astrological configurations seem to be excellent for connecting and for embarking in a new romantic liaison. As far as money is concerned, this is NO time to escape reality. You might have to work additional hours or get a second job. On the work front, why don’t you polish up your present skills or learn new ones? That way you increase your chances to go into business for your Self. Dragon, keep your mind open in 2017. Remember, you always do best in a job that is not confining. Avoid routine jobs which make you feel boxed in.

Dragon-Capricorn:  During the very karmic last 2 weeks of the year of the Monkey, some of you will switch career. In your personal life, you may be experiencing powerful sexual urges. As far as finances are concerned, should bad-luck and misfortune strike, an expert financial counselor will help you bounce back. On the work front, the chinese zodiac warn you that poor judgment may hurt your career and create problems at home.

Dragon-Aquarius:  In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, to improve your performance at work and reach financial stability, contact someone who is already successful. In your personal life, if you discover that your mate is cheating, try to understand the person’s actions and determine whether you played any part in driving your mate into someone else’s arms. As far as finances are concerned, you are presently ending a challenging cycle. Money will flow-IN much easier. This will help you dissolve certain fears of not having enough money to pay bills.

Dragon-Pisces:  In the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster 2017, all systems are GO. Life is full of opportunities. If you spot an occasion to move ahead, grab it! In your personal Life, you evolve if you trust the spontaneous emotional generosity of others. On the other hand, be careful, you could contribute to your mate’s sorrow by seeing slights when none were intended. As far as money is concerned, be daring because there are good moneymaking opportunities for many of you. Dragon, the horoscope for 2017 shows that NOW is the time to push ahead. Remember, all systems are GO.

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