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The Element Of Earth

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

earthEarth represents the concrete and physical. These are the builders of the Zodiac, those who deal with practical and physical matters. They are concerned with getting ahead and building their lives, homes and futures with a look toward progress, stability and comfort.

People with lots of Earth (6 or more counts) are concerned with concrete details and tangible results. They will operate most frequently in the world of their senses, attuned to their immediate environment, to their physical bodies, and to sensory comforts and pleasures. They tend to protect their material gains. Their primary motivation is usually concerned with being economically and physically secure.

For those with earth predominating in their charts, the here and now and what is real are all-important. What is happening around them – and everything that they can see and touch- is what concerns them. They do not have much time for abstract thought or what they see as idle dreams and their idea of love is down to earth. They can lack imagination, but they more than compensate for that as they are stable, loyal, lovers who know how to nurture those they care for. The whole realm of the senses also falls in their domain.

People with little Earth (0 or 1 counts) often develop skills which have no practical application, flit from job and job, or bounce cheques and borrow money freely. Or, in contrast, they over emphasize the practical by being overly particular about budgeting, everyday details and order. Because they do not feel grounded they frequently seek security by adhering to a highly structured system of thought or by following an organized and rigid routine.


Alert, Analytical
Artistic, Businesslike
Compulsive, Critical
Dependable, Depressive
Disorganized, Down to Earth
Dull, Efficient
Enduring, Exacting
Grounded, Hard working
Imaginative, Impractical
Lascivious, Loyal
Materialistic, Mean
Methodical, Orderly
Over serious, Patient
Persistent, Practical
Precise, Productive
Realistic, Reliable
Restless, Ruthless
Security conscious
Security minded
Self righteous, Sensible
Slovenly, Stable
Steady, Studious
Thorough, Ungrounded
Unproductive, Unstable

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