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Eating Habits According to Astrology

Your Eating Habits Zodiac Sign

The 6th cusp tells us something about our eating habits. Whether or not we follow these patterns, they are what we are naturally inclined to do. Keep in mind, however, that planetary configurations can alter or adjust the descriptions below.

Note: These descriptions are for those without intercepted signs. Make adjustments for interceptions. To calculate your birth chart click here.

The 6th cusp in Aries: Hit and run eater. Prefers food hot and spicy. Tend to underchew. Need more protein and iron than others. If you have Scorpio asc. , you care little about how the food is served. You dislike cooking and tend to overcook foods when you do. You don’t like waiting for food.

The 6th cusp in Taurus: Slow eater, sensuous, gourmet. Not particular about what the food is as long as it is well prepared. A keen taste for desserts. With Sagittarius rising, there is a tendency to excesses. With Capricorn on the 2nd, you may be fond of mushrooms, sour or acid foods, cold foods like ices, and foreign gourmet foods. With Virgo in 10th house, you may pay close attention to what you eat. Avoid foods that make you feel uncomfortable after eating.

The 6th cusp in Gemini: Eat when you feel like it. Like to cook and prepare meals for others. Like mealtime conversation. With Capricorn rising, good form is important. Like salty or seasoned foods. Tastes in food change often. Willing to try almost any food once. With Libra 10th, a balanced diet is the key to good nutrition.

The 6th cusp in Cancer: Jewish mother or Italian Mamma; feed everyone else first. Likes to feed others. Tastes in food are traditional. Take pride in cooking. Good with baking. Like desserts and dairy. With Capricorn rising, fixed tastes in food, little variety. With Aquarius rising and Pisces 2nd, you are more changeable with tastes and have more variety in your diet. You like fried foods, oily salads. With Scorpio 10th, good health depends on proper elimination.

The 6th cusp in Leo: Likes to entertain. Doesn’t eat but dines in royal style. Eats in prestigious places. Like your food well cooked, served in warm surroundings with pomp and ceremony. With Pisces rising, you like lots of liquid with your meals. Your eating habits can be lavish. With Cancer 5th, you may be a good cook, especially with garlic.

The 6th cusp in Virgo: Picky eater, wipes silverware, sanitary, concerned with germs. May follow a strict dietary regimen such as Macrobiotics or Vegetarianism. Like to serve meals on time or on a fixed schedule. With Aries rising, little patience with others’ eating habits. Beans, cereals and pork may suit your taste with Taurus 2nd. With Leo 5th, you like colorful, steaming hot food. Capricorn 10th says you need to pay attention to sitting up straight when you eat.

The 6th cusp in Libra: Dines in style, intellectual, entertains with form and ritual. Probably concerned with balance of the meal in content or in style. Good conversation at mealtimes. Lots of sweets. With Virgo 5th, you are a stickler for properly prepared meals. With Taurus asc. you can be a slave to habit with food. You may like Potatoes very much. With Gemini 2nd, you like nuts.

The 6th cusp in Scorpio: Likes to dine in dark, out of the way places, can eat the same food again and again, fixed ideas about food. You don’t mind eating alone. Liquid at meals is a must. With Cancer 2nd, you’re probably a milk-drinker. You like macaroni, noodles, eggs, and mushrooms. With Virgo 4th cusp, you enjoy growing your own veggies. You eat when you feel like it. With Pisces 10th, you don’t pay enough attention to nutritional balance. With Gemini rising, you also need to pay more attention to nutritional balance. You could study nutrition.

The 6th cusp in Sagittarius: Lots of friends and good cheer. Exotic foods. Tends ot overeat. Your table may groan under the weight of food. Guests are often invited for meals. Tendency to overeat. You don’t like help in the kitchen when you are cooking. With Leo on the 2nd, you like almonds, cinnamon, corn, gin, citrus fruits, olives, rice, and vine foods. With Aries 10th, you need to pay more attention to the physical body. With Cancer rising, you are sensitive about your self-image.

The 6th cusp in Capricorn: May send restaurant food back. Perfectionist. Careful about what you eat. Can stop eating when full. Concerned with form, good manners and how the meal is served. Leo rising likes to be noticed socially. With Virgo 2nd, your tastes are inclined to be fussy but you have a discriminating taste. Taurus 10th gives you a sensitive taste. If something doesn’t taste good, it isn’t good for you.

The 6th cusp in Aquarius: Fondness for salty foods. Lighthearted entertainer. Likes conversation. Irregular eating habits. Careful about food preparation and you like to experiment with new and unusual foods and recipes. With Libra 2nd, sweets can be a health problem. You like strawberries and music with meals. Gemini 10th swings from careful nutritionally to overindulgence with junk, especially sweets. With Virgo rising, you can discriminate and choose your diet wisely.

The 6th cusp in Pisces: Eat when the mood strikes. Definite likes and dislikes. Eat with the mood strikes. With Libra rising, you want to maintain an attractive physical appearance. With Scorpio on the 2nd, your tastes in food are fixed. You eat lots of protein. Fit easily into any social group at mealitme and enjoy good conversation while eating. When hungry you eat too fast without chewing properly. You enjoy cooking and entertaining others at meals. Tend to oversalt food. Enjoy growing your own vegetables or eating homegrown produce. You like compliments on your cooking. Cancer 10th needs lots of liquid at meals. Libra rising needs balance in the diet. Food allergies and gas are indications of an unbalanced diet. You eat when emotional upset. Emotions at mealtimes affect your digestion.

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