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Every six months there is a solar eclipse, which influences us, according to where it occurs in the chart. The area of you life which is affected is determined by the house position of the eclipse. The planet in your chart the Sun last passed over prior to the eclipse determines the manner in which your life is affected.

A Total Solar Eclipse

Figure 7a – A Total Solar Eclipse

Eclipses through the houses:

First House – This means everything that happens will be then more personally than usual. You will be more self-involved and will probably start at least one self-improvement project. Changes in personal appearance (such as a new hairstyle or a different way of dressing) are common. Circumstances may lead to temporary or even permanent personality changes. Physical changes may also occur, such as weight loss or gain. Overindulgence should be avoided; health matters may require your attention. Purchases made can be for items of personal adornment such as clothing and jewelry.

Second House – Brings financial matters to the fore. Material possessions will require your attention. Money, money, money–how to get more and or how to spend what you have. You may be up for a raise or decide to take a second job to increase your income. You may make big or important purchases at this time. You may also re-examine your values and priorities. Events may cause a change in how you see yourself.

Third House – Signifies a busy time with more physical activity in the form of running errands and making other short trips. The mind is usually more active. You may be required to give a speech or do some writing or record keeping. Papers might have to be signed. There will certainly be more correspondence and visitors than usual. Matters pertaining to brothers and sisters require attention or there is increased contact with them. You will be more involved with neighbors or there could be changes in your neighborhood. A move is possible.

Fourth House – Your family and home occupy your attention. You will be more involved with parents and their affairs, particularly your father. Real estate dealings may be stepped up. You could be involved in some way in a home improvement or home repair project. You can find yourself spending more time than usual at home. This is an excellent time to bring some long-standing situation to a conclusion. There may be a change of residence.

Fifth House – Children and their affairs can occupy you more than usual. If you are childless, then you may be involved with young people or a creative project. More time will be spent on recreation, entertainment and hobbies. This sometimes signifies a special and memorable vacation. Romance is a real possibility, and you could feel like gambling in some way.

Sixth House – Focuses on the work scene. There is more involvement with co-workers or subordinates. You may hire someone to work for you personally, such as someone to mow the lawn or a pool service or a caterer. Your health will require some attention, perhaps only a routine physical, or you will make changes in your diet or exercise routine. If you have pets, they could require attention or you might acquire a pet during these periods.

Seventh House – If you are single, personal relationships of all types require your attention. Suddenly how you get along with others is very important; you are more dependent on other people than usual. You may form (or discontinue) a serious relationship at this time. If you are married, you will have experienced some of this, as well as feeling that your life revolves around your spouse. Whether you are married or single, you may find that you are involved in confrontations or meet with opposition from others. Legal matters can arise which must be attended to. Counsel or expert advice could be sought concerning some area of life.

Eighth House – Brings the opportunity to bring some matter to an end that you have wanted to be done with; possibly something ends you wanted to keep going. This is the house of ending things so those new things can take their plaice. There could be dealings concerning taxes, insurance or legacies. Debts will be paid off (or incurred) or you may apply for a credit card or loan. For married people, this is a time of having to work more closely on joint finances. The opinions of others will affect you more strongly than usual.

Ninth House – Signifies an optimistic period. Things, or people, at a distance will become important or you may travel during this period. This could be either for business or pleasure. In extreme cases, relocation to a distant local (even a foreign country) is possible. You will be involved in learning something new, perhaps even going back to school. Religious matters or beliefs come to mind and you could be invited to at least one ceremony of some type (such as a wedding or christening). Some become involved with teaching or publishing during this period.

Tenth House – For working people, matters involving the career come to the fore. Sometimes there is so much happening at the office, or you are spending so much time at work, overtime, etc., that there seems to be little energy left for other interests. People may be in the process of changing jobs during the six months following this eclipse. Whether employed or not, you will attract attention in some way. Don’t plan on keeping a ‘low profile’ during this time. If involved in groups or organizations of any sort, you may run for an office or you may receive an award of some kind. Publicity, attention and recognition are the key words here.

Eleventh House – You will become more involved with groups of people. There could be some change in your income if it is dependent on salary. Goals or aims occupy your thoughts. Some goals may come to fruition, others begun, and still others revised. Friends will play a more prominent role in your life at this time, as you become more involved in their lives. In most cases, this time proves to be an optimistic period.

Twelfth House – Plan on spending a good deal of time alone. Contract with others and being ‘out and about’ is the less frequent. Restrictions are commonly experienced. They may be due to a variety of things; obligations, responsibilities, health problems or just a lack of opportunity, This is an introspective period, and things or people from one’s past can become objects of attention. Habit patterns, as well as motives and attitudes, should be examined and revised where necessary during this time.

Eclipses and the planets:

The planet in your chart the Sun last passed over prior to the eclipse determines the manner in which your life is affected.

Natal Sun – You’ll find yourself enforcing your own will and having to make decisions. You’ll be “in the driver’s seat,” whether you care to be or not. This can draw attention to you and increase your sense of self-importance. You can use this time positively by learning to be more self-assertive if needed, but be careful you don’t get on a power trip! Since the Sun symbolizes men in general and important people, expect to be more involved with both. Important decisions are often made under the influence of this eclipse.

Natal Moon – Get ready for changes. They may be important changes or trivial, but things are not likely to be stable or steady during this time. Some will experience a more emotional response to events or their surroundings, and the imagination will be more active. Your mother or women in general, can play a more active role in your life. A positive use of this eclipse is to bring about changes you feel would be beneficial to you. Don’t try to get anything settled until after this is over, because it’s not likely to stay that way.

Natal Mercury – You’ll find yourself spending more time on the phone, papers will have to be read and signed, correspondence will have to be caught up with. Perhaps you’ll pay a visit to someone or receive more visitors than usual. Your mind will be very active, and all mental pursuits are favored. Be careful not to over commit yourself or overtire. It’s the mind that operates faster now, not necessarily the body. This eclipse favors taking up new course of study or going back to school.

Natal Venus – There will be an urge to be more materialistic, to beautify your surroundings and to socialize more. You will become more charming and seem more attractive. This is a good time for meeting and impressing new people, acquiring new things and self-improvement projects. Romances often begin under this eclipse. Redecorate your house or apartment, plan a new wardrobe or take up a new hobby. This is a perfect time for entertaining. This eclipse favors the receiving of gifts and increasing one’s income.

Natal Mars – You’ll find yourself involved in some sort of conflict with someone no matter how peace loving you usually is. This eclipse favors physical activity, which brings us to a positive solution; keep physically active and busy. You have a lot of energy right now. Direct it into competitive sports, exercise or just cleaning out that garage! When energy is not utilized, it leads to rash behavior and sometimes accidents. With the Sun last over Mars, automobiles usually require attention – buying them, maintaining them, repairing them or wrecking them!

Natal Jupiter – There’s going to be more of everything! This brings the utmost in confidence and optimism. If you can dream it, you can have it during this period. Material things, particularly status symbols, a better job, a promotion – all are within your reach. Whatever it is you’ve been wanting, now is the time to try for it. You will attract whatever is most important to you at the time in an amount depending upon how much effort you’re willing to put forth. You will find obstacles falling away. Be aware that this positive influence lasts for only a few months, so don’t make commitments you won’t be able to fulfill later. Since you may feel you can handle anything, overdoing it with food, credit cards, drugs or alcohol is easy now.

Natal Saturn – Get ready to accept more responsibility and to work harder. If you do, you could find yourself rewarded in some tangible way. If not, you could find yourself more limited or restricted. You may be placed in a position of authority or have more dealings with authority figures. Life takes on a more serious or somber tome. This is a good time to put things into perspective and see the reality of a given situation. No matter what your age, you can do some growing up at this time. Dealings with people older than you will probable are necessary. Try not to take yourself too seriously or get depressed by remembering that “to everything, there is a season.”

Natal Uranus – Be prepared to meet with the unexpected. You will encounter sudden turns of events, and if you insist on careful planning and knowing exactly what to expect, you could be pretty unhappy during this period. But if you like excitement and change, or can at least adjust to it for a while, this could be a fun time. Little to do with the house or houses involved will go as anticipated. So hang loose and work on developing your flexibility now instead of getting upset. Things may work out better than the way you had them planned. Technology or new ways of doing things can be more important than usual now.

Natal Neptune – Things can sure get confused. People seem uncertain, refuse to commit themselves or prove to be deceitful. Sometimes you just can’t seem to put your finger on exactly what the situation is. The problem is probable you–you may not be direct and purposeful. Think things over carefully and get the advice of those you trust before making any important decisions or taking any action. If possible, delay any long-range plans or commitments (or major purchases) until after the sex-month influence of this eclipse has passed. You could find yourself daydreaming more and may experience a heightened interest in spiritual matters.

Natal Pluto – Any change that requires time and sustained effort is favored. Remember that sometimes you have to clean out the dead wood to make room for something new. The replacements are not likely to arrive, however, until after this eclipse has passed. Whatever is lost or changed during this time will tend to be permanent. What Pluto changes remains changed forever. Pluto acts as much on the psychological level as it does on the physical level.

About the author:

Eleanor Buckwalter has studied, practiced and taught astrology in Los Altos, CA for more than twenty-five years, including three years with the late Richard Idemon, a psychological astrologer. Her primary astrological focus of interest is parent-child relationships and family dynamics.

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