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Electional Astrology

electional-astrologyThe chief work of most professional astrologers is – and always has been – personal counseling. How counseling is handled has changed a bit over the past 100 years, of course, because of the growth and development of psychology. But basically, the kind of advice people were asking of the astrologer of Imperial Rome, is the same kind of advice people seek today.

Electional astrology is used to pick or elect the best time astrologically to take action or begin an activity. By aligning ourselves with the cycles of the Heavens we increase our ability to control our lives here on Earth.

Generally, in answering a question or giving advice, an astrologer rely on three things:

  1. his own life experiences;
  2. his unique personal interpretation of the birth chart;
  3. and techniques he have learned from astrological textbooks about answering specific questions.

Using traditional astrology ensures that the complete range of traditional techniques are considered and allows for the precise and powerful choice of exactly the right time range, not merely a particular “lucky” day.

Short list of sample questions:

  • When should I start my business?
  • Taking out a loan
  • Selling stock, bonds, property, etc.
  • Moving from one place to another
  • When should I get married?
  • Making a new friendship
  • Buying or renting a house
  • Starting a relationship or going on a first date
  • Applying for a job or going for a job interview
  • Beginning a partnership
  • Making a will
  • When should I take a trip or go on a vacation?
  • Changing careers
  • Retire

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