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Elizabeth Taylor Astrology Natal Horoscope and Birth Chart

There is no doubt that Elizabeth Taylor lived up to her potential in life. She tapped into her intrinsic psychic impulses to become the icon she was. Yet, the shadow side of those same impulses haunted her during her life, leaving behind a very human legacy.

Her astrology chart, beauty and charisma are manifestations of her tightly conjoined Venus and Uranus in Aries, and of her Scorpio moon.

Her humanitarian and philanthropic actions were driven by her Leo Jupiter, Virgo Neptune, and Scorpio Moon. Jupiter sparked the impulse for generosity and understanding. Neptune compelled her to feel compassion for her causes, while Virgo embedded within her a desire to serve, and to make the world a little better. And her Scorpio moon bestowed on her a highly sensitized sense of empathy for others, and an undying loyalty to her trusted circle of friends and family.

A prominent feature of Ms. Taylor’s birth chart is her strong Pisces and water energy energy. There are no less than five planets distributed across the three water signs (Pisces, Cancer, & Scorpio). Mercury and the Sun are tightly conjoined, with Mars lurking nearby in the warm waters of Pisces. Her role in life was purposed for the stage, for the silver screen, and for becoming the icon for beauty and sensuality in her day.


A very talented Pisces with the appeal of a Scorpio.

Pisces have an innate ability to truly get in another person’s shoes, to feel true empathy rather than sympathy. Those with strong planetary presence in Pisces tend to exhibit latent talents at losing their sense of self, and adopting another identity; from the inside out. They tend to be rather talented actors.

Her almost precise conjoining of the Sun and Mercury in the 3rd House indicates a strong impulse to communicate through the media. Her public voice was not simply self-serving. But she was known for her advocacy in AIDS research, which is a very Piscean trait. She got out there in the public domain to push this cause with equal fervor as she lent to her perfumes.

There was an indelible quality to her, captured in photographs and in film. This vulnerable, exotic, and yet personable aura was the product of her Scorpio moon, her Pisces Sun, and her Venus in Aries. Her eyes expressed her powerful emotional presence with a grace and fury, and when given a well crafted role, she deftly brought life to the character using her dominant water energy.

Her salacious love life, dramatic marriages, and equally dramatic divorces were prime manifestations of three key astrological aspects:

  • A Cancer Pluto in the 8th House
  • Scorpio Moon in the 11th House
  • A tight Uranus / Venus conjoining in Aries in the 3rd House.

Simple translation: She never surrendered her strong sense of self in relationships. She may have harbored deeply destructive, transformative fits in her marriages. Paradoxically, she craved substantial connections, diving deeply into the emotional waters of her relationships; but she earnestly sought freedom from those binding emotional connections. A desire for substantial emotional connections conflicted with an ingrained streak of independence and selfishness would eventually tear apart her relationship.

She possessed a wild independent streak, and was attracted to those qualities in others that were eccentric, lavish, unorthodox, and daring. She would pour her heart into them, then yearn for a release from the confines of the relationship, she had a hand in making.

The 8th House is known for being the realm of the “nuts and bolts” of a marriage–the space within the relationship in which both partners can no longer hide from or veil their true shadow side. With Pluto, in Cancer, in this house, Ms. Taylor, most likely, struggled when confronted by her demons. Once confronted with her emotional fears, her weaknesses, and her darker psychic impulses, she would opt for the “scorched earth” policy; burn down the house and run off—thus the cornucopia of husbands, and the love-hate affair with Richard Burton. Pluto has been known to wreak havoc in lives.

Her legacy will gleam for decades to come. Her natural beauty and charisma will not tarnish with time. Every time you see her in a film, or in photographs, remember that what you see and detect in her expressive eyes is a wonderful composite of the qualities of Pisces, the sensuality of a Scorpio moon, and the unique expression of Venus in Aries.

Her passing clearly marks the end of an era.

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